10X ERP Launches Software for Industrial Distribution Businesses

10X ERP, a new software company, has announced the launch of their cloud-based ERP software, specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized industrial distribution businesses. The solution, which launched successfully with its first client on March 1, 2023, offers an intuitive, fast, and user-friendly experience. Its core capabilities encompass a wide range of features, including sales and purchase order entry, inventory management, customer and vendor relationship management, real-time dashboards, a custom shipping integrator, QC management tools, and a robust, fully integrated accounting system that provides real-time data.

Engineered on a world-class technology stack, this modern platform offers real-time inventory management and adopts an API-first approach, enabling seamless integration with popular e-commerce and business applications. Businesses operating across various sectors of industrial distribution stand to gain from its exceptional user experience and extensive functionalities.

“We have built, from scratch, the most intuitive, fastest, and user-friendly experience in ERP – in short, a beautiful ERP that’s delightful to use,” said Brian DeSpain, co-founder and CEO of 10X ERP. “We provide the best upfront and ongoing value to any distributor looking to grow their business profitably and exponentially.”

Co-founder and COO Michael McCormack adds, “As a partner, not just a customer, we’ll lead you through all stages of implementation – from process identification and data migration to launch and post-launch. Our focus on ongoing user engagement helps us continually improve 10X’s ability to respond to your business’s needs.”

10X ERP is backed by the experience and expertise of its co-founders. DeSpain, who is also the president and owner of Global O-Ring and Seal, brings a deep understanding of the wholesale distribution business, being the third generation of his family in the industry. McCormack, with a background in overseeing large, complex projects in the oil and gas industry, offers an insider’s perspective on the needs and challenges of ERP system selection and implementation.

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