10x Genomics Showcases Robust Innovation Pipeline at Xperience 2022 Event

New technology reveals include first data from upcoming Xenium In Situ Analysis Platform

10x Genomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: TXG), a life sciences leader focused on mastering biology to advance human health, today unveiled new details about upcoming products and capabilities across its single cell, spatial, and in situ platforms at its second annual Xperience 2022 virtual event. Highlights included the Fixed RNA Profiling Kit, which improves sample preparation workflow and adds flexibility for Chromium single cell experiments; Visium CytAssist, to expand the number of tissue samples accessible to the spatial platform; and the first-ever look at the forthcoming Xenium Analyzer.

“Everything we do at 10x Genomics is driven by our belief that in the not-too-distant future, most tissue samples will need to be analyzed using the technologies we’re developing across single cell, spatial, and in situ,” said Ben Hindson, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of 10x Genomics. “Our development engine is fired up, innovating, executing, and collaborating to make 2022 the most exciting year of product launches in our history. We’re more than ready to build on our track record of over 20 breakthrough technologies as we deliver this year’s unparalleled product pipeline.”

For the Chromium single cell platform, Xperience 2022 featured several upcoming products designed to enable broad adoption of single cell methods, remove bottlenecks, and create more value for researchers around the world:

  • Chromium Fixed RNA Profiling – This kit, which combines an entirely new chemistry and chip with formaldehyde fixation to preserve biological state at the point of collection, enables batching of samples for maximum study flexibility. (Planned to launch in mid-2022.)
  • Chromium Nuclei Isolation – This simple, scalable product answers a major customer request. The kit allows for nuclei isolation from frozen tissues, is easy to use, and requires no expensive instruments (Planned to launch in mid-2022.)
  • Chromium BEAM – Built on top of 10x’s existing Immune Profiling product, BEAM (Barcode Enabled Antigen Mapping) will make it possible to perform high-throughput, high-plex, and high-resolution mapping of antigen recognition by B or T cells. (Planned to launch in late 2022.)

The single cell showcase also featured 5′ CRISPR, an extension to Single Cell Immune Profiling to make large-scale, functional genomics studies quicker and easier; and ATAC v2, an update to the Single Cell ATAC-seq workflow to boost sensitivity, while increasing discovery power and reducing costs. Both are planned to launch by mid-year.

Xperience 2022 also showcased the breadth of the Visium spatial analysis product roadmap, featuring several upcoming technologies focused on enabling more analytes, more samples, and more resolution:

  • Visium Gene and Protein Expression – This assay will allow researchers to take a microscopy image of a stained FFPE tissue section and then profile RNA and dozens of proteins simultaneously in the same section at high spatial resolution. (Planned to launch in mid-2022.)
  • Visium CytAssist – A compact, benchtop instrument that transfers analytes from tissue sections on standard glass slides to Visium capture slides, CytAssist simplifies sample handling and allows researchers to preview and select the best FFPE tissue section for the Visium assay. (Planned to launch in mid-2022.)
  • Visium HD – Providing a massive jump in resolution for spatial analysis, the company expects that Visium HD will offer unprecedented views of whole transcriptome data in heterogeneous tissues at single cell scale resolution. (Planned to launch near the end of 2022.)

Xperience 2022 provided a first look into Xenium, the company’s forthcoming in situ platform. The company expects the Xenium Analyzer will deliver targeted gene expression information at subcellular resolution at high sensitivity, and will be a complete end-to-end in situ solution: a robust instrument, consumables, panels, and software. Xenium is being developed as a high throughput platform that can run large cohorts of entire tissue sections without requiring selection of regions of interest. 10x Genomics expects to ship the Xenium Analyzer by the end of 2022.

“We plan to put the Xenium Analyzer in the hands of customers this year, marking the beginning of a revolution in tissue analysis, at the most fundamental level with unprecedented scale,” Hindson added. “With our Xenium platform for in situ analysis, RNA and proteins can be measured in the cells where they originated, still located in the native tissue. Our multi-year roadmap will usher in this powerful new capability and lead to an explosion of new data and insights to ultimately master biology and advance human health. Until then, we are relentlessly focused on this mission.”

To learn more about products showcased at Xperience 2022, please visit The event will also be hosted on February 24 for the Asia Pacific region, and registration is open at

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