22MILES PublisherPro.AIoT V6 Update Integrates Intel® Solutions

22MILES’s latest innovation, version 6 of the user-friendly CMS, PublisherPro.AIoT, brings the power of Edge Technology for native content triggering through our most robust agile software integration to date. The core system features all-new technology additions, as well as major enhancements to our current Publisher Pro software.
With a focus on user experience, Publisher Pro has a lot of exciting functionality to unpack, including:

  • Enhanced Wayfinding with integrated map designer
  • GeoJSON for Google/Apple/ArcGIS, AR, and other map platforms
  • IoT Support with BLE, CMX, PIR, camera, connected sensors, indoor positioning, and voice command
  • Limitless connectivity with an open system communicating with other platforms
  • End-to-End Functionality spanning live video chat, enterprise content control, and analytics

Today, according to Intel®, enterprises are extending analytics and business intelligence closer to the points where data is generated. Edge computing solutions place Internet of Things (IoT) devices, gateways, and computing infrastructure as close as possible to the source of data—and to the systems and people who need to make data-driven decisions. With the right technologies in place, edge computing improves processes, automates tasks, creates better customer experiences, and much more.
Intelligent devices designed to work well in edge environments come in many forms to accommodate different scenarios—from cameras to drones to PCs to digital signage. Often, devices have built-in technologies to process the data they collect. By placing intelligence and analytics capabilities on the devices themselves, edge deployments provide meaningful information almost instantly.

PublisherPro.AIoT features:

The Next Generation of Wayfinding

The upcoming ‘PublisherPro.AIoT’ (version 6) enhances its leading position in wayfinding by including Floor Plan designer, GeoJSON for Google/Apple/ArcGIS, and other map platforms. Users will enjoy a more responsive mobile 3D wayfinding and API, paired with a smarter human-readable turn-by-turn algorithm. Voice command control connected to wayfinding allows for improved ADA experience.

Wayfinding kiosks demand more than a simple digital signage player. The latest self-service kiosks let people check-in at hotels, check inventory across stores, and find directions. This requires more processing power for interactive touchscreens and image processing. Intel® NUCs deliver this performance in a range of form factors that streamline design and manufacturing.

Intel® NUC Pro for Enhanced Features

The Intel vPro® Platform, Built for Business

Intel® NUC Mini PCs, kits, and boards built on the Intel vPro® platform deliver business-class performance, manageability, built-in security features, and stability. This platform helps lower costs by simplifying IT administration and increasing uptime.

The Intel vPro® platform includes powerful, hardware-based capabilities for remote management. This means IT administrators can update, manage, and troubleshoot entire networks of digital signage devices remotely, saving the trip of a service technician.

Built-in Display Emulation

Intel® NUC Pro offers built-in display emulation with virtual displays and persistent display mode. With virtual displays, IT administrators can log into a digital signage PC without interrupting the content playing on the sign. System maintenance, software updates, and operating system tasks all happen in the background and out of sight. Persistent display mode retains the display formatting information during temporary disconnects, preventing unexpected changes to your signage content.

Multi-display, 4K Video

Intel® NUC Pro offers dual HDMI ports and Thunderbolt™ 3 technology. A single mini PC can drive multiple 4K displays and projectors, each with different content. Thanks to its small form factor, an Intel® NUC Pro Mini PC can mount on the back of signage or inside a kiosk.

Robust Connectivity

Get internet connectivity and more. Intel® NUC Pro Mini PCs squeeze all the ports and wireless connections you would expect from a desktop PC—USB, HDMI, Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi—into the smallest space we can engineer.

Technological Innovation

At 22MILES, our R&D was agile enough to respond to the current global challenges, which lead to the creation and integration of Protection-as-a-Service (PaaS), into the Publisher Pro platform. Developed to be a series of integrated technology features and capabilities as part of a customizable software platform created to address pandemics and the evolving safety measures of social distancing, PaaS features a growing number of options for businesses and organizations spanning key markets.

Currently, Protection as a Service (PaaS) has 4 key components:


A component of 22MILES’ suite of Protection-as-a-Service solutions, TempDefend thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the detection and prevention of viral spread.
Video 2. Intel®-powered kiosk running the TempDefend thermo-sensing technology Solution.

Touchless Touch | Voice Activation & Control

All displays in the visual communications solution will be promoting a fully interactive, touch-free user experience through 22MILES’ Voice Activation/Recognition and Control running on Intel® NUCs.
Any existing 22MILES interactive project can be easily upgraded to basic voice control with minimal effort. The Voice Command Center analyzes existing projects and automatically generates control commands, which can be easily tweaked by the content editor. Video 3. Intel®-powered kiosk running the Voice Control and Secure Mobile Solutions.

Secure Mobile Control

As a component of Protection-as-a-Service suite of solutions, 22MILES is offering a new option to support screen interaction. The Secure Mobile Control will allow control of any kiosk with a QR code scan (network required) and from a mobile web browser, with no application to download or install for the user.
From the administrator’s end, what is required is to download the Secure Mobile Desktop or plugin the Secure Mobile Remote dongle, in order to convert any screen on any OS device into a contact-free interactive display.
Video 4. Intel®-powered kiosk running the touchless Secure Mobile Control.

Digital Notifications Suite (DNS)

22MILES is empowering organizations with a FREE desktop and web URL Digital Notification Suite that can keep the remote and shelter-in-place teams aware of all company announcements, news, and other live information in real-time.

Enterprise & Corporate Applications

Employees of organizations across the country appreciate the collaboration and communication benefits that come from working together in-person, but many are hesitant about their safety with the COVID-19 pandemic still a global threat. It is likely that for the foreseeable future, many companies will need to maintain at least a hybrid model, with select employees working in the office while others work remote. Management teams across the enterprise and corporate market are now tasked with finding ways to bring employees back to the office, even if it is in a limited capacity.

Wayfinding and digital signage technology can be leveraged to support the logistical challenges of enterprise workspaces, such as social-distancing regulations, employee screening, office floorplan restructuring, and changes to technology use that come with keeping employees safe, well-informed, and confident, and can have a longstanding impact on their ability to be focused and productive.

For example, with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), wayfinding applications can leverage usage data gleaned from sensors or voice commands to auto-generate routes, based on a user’s personalized shortest path and ease of accessibility, with smart detour scheduling that allows for safe movement in the office. These same applications also allow for hot-desking – a technique that blocks the use of certain desks within a certain proximity to others (i.e. closer than six-feet apart) by labeling them as “red-desks”. A safe, “green desk” is then marked to instantly show employees approved workspaces to use in real-time that comply with social distancing guidelines.

A progressive partnership

22MILES is committed to partner with the foremost technology leaders to promote a safe return to work, school, and the “new normal” that today’s environment dictates. 22MILES is proud to be an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate. We continue to work together to bring the future vision of a connected world to life, by providing easy to use technology designed to create a safer, more connected world.

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