ABOUT Healthcare acquires Edgility

Acquisition enhances patient velocity with a next-generation system-wide patient flow platform from admission to discharge by delivering real-time insights throughout the patient journey

ABOUT Healthcare (ABOUT®), a leading provider of SaaS-based hospital operations solutions for admission management and post-acute placement, announced today that it has acquired Edgility, an AI and analytics platform company that monitors and manages operations in real time, resulting in optimized capacity, enhanced patient progression, and accelerated discharge velocity.

ABOUT’s acquisition of Edgility augments its care orchestration technology with new capabilities that create a next-generation system-wide patient flow model from admission to discharge by delivering “connective tissue” throughout the patient journey, helping healthcare organizations make better informed decisions about patient progression through predictive and prescriptive analytics. The new care orchestration solution provides greater visibility and optimization for increasing patient capacity through AI-driven decision support with elegant and intuitive visualizations, facilitating the transition of patients to the right facility at the right time. With the addition of Edgility into the ABOUT solution set, the company can further enable health systems to realize command center strategies and connect and improve the operational anchors of transfers, admit management, patient flow, daily huddles, discharges, hospital-at-home, and referral management to post-acute and behavioral health settings of care.

Combining ABOUT with Edgility delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions driven by AI along with clinical expertise and best practices that automate and streamline the coordination of complex and interrelated tasks and processes, enabling healthcare providers to manage patient care more efficiently as well as reduce errors and delays. The new offering – a one-of-a-kind platform built for delivering health system command center and operational technology to the line-level, transfer centers, case management departments, and executive levels – will help health systems improve discharge and patient velocity, support operational and financial goals, and deliver optimal patient outcomes. With the only end-to-end care orchestration platform in the market, the new combined solution will uniquely enable health systems to achieve their strategic imperatives.

“Our acquisition of Edgility completes a powerful new end-to-end care orchestration solution that connects people, data, workflows, and systems to improve outcomes and enable better coordinated care,” said Jonathan Shoemaker, CEO of ABOUT. “Health systems can now derive deep situational awareness and decision support across the patient progression at the individual and system levels, removing friction points and natural delays, ultimately improving coordination at each step of the patient journey.”

The solution provides users with real-time situational awareness into discharge metrics to allow the movement and placement of patients more efficiently, connecting the intake and discharge processes and improving patient flow velocity. By using AI to forecast and predict discharge goals, the solution delivers discharge planning upon admission with discharge insights at the patient and system levels.

With real-time and actionable insights into patient progression throughout the hospital stay, the care orchestration solution delivers visibility that allows for early identification of discharge barriers and efficient management of discharge progression by surfacing insights that help identify friction and delays in moving patients to the appropriate care setting.

“We’re reshaping AI’s function in healthcare, surpassing mere information provision and auto-completion to dynamically deliver levers of actions. As a result of this acquisition, we now offer the only end-to-end platform tailored to guide the entire patient journey in the market,” said Balaji Ramadoss, president and CEO of Edgility. “Together, we’re poised to accelerate patient flow velocity without compromising quality care, driving health systems to reimagine an AI solution finely tuned to and for the frontline, where every decision is optimized to enhance care efficiency and quality.”

ABOUT’s acquisition of Edgility follows previous acquisitions of Acuity Link and Ensocare, further demonstrating the company’s focus on enabling health systems to enhance patient progression by moving and placing patients into, through, and out, more efficiently and substantially reducing the time it takes to get patients access to the care they need.

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