Edge Computing

ACAP Empowers Developers Making the Move to Edge Computing

ACAP version 4 will open opportunity for developers, leverage open standard APIs, and help advance video analytics.

As the demand for video analytics grows with the efforts to deliver smarter security solutions and valuable business intelligence, Axis Communications plans to boost opportunity for developers, integrators and end customers alike by releasing AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) version 4 later this year.

The introduction of ACAP version 4 will specifically bring new opportunities for developers who are looking to build solutions for Axis deviceswhile leveraging open industry-standard APIs they are familiar with. ACAP version 4 will strengthen Axis’ engagement in computer-vision-based solutions and open a broader offering of applications.

Axis continues to bring more capable devices to market. Most recently Axis introduced two AI-enabled cameras: the AXIS Q1615 Mk III Network Camera and the AXIS P3255-LVE Dome Camera (with more to come). The powerful capabilities of these devices–including edge-based deep learning processing for scalability–will increase the incentive to move parts of a solution to the edge. ACAP version 4 aims to lower barriers for new developers coming from server and cloud environments, while continuing to support existing partners.

ACAP version 4 leverages known software development tools and components as well as industry-standard APIs and efficiently reuses components from Axis and other sources. It brings further support for high-level programing languages that will significantly reduce both proof-of-concept builds and time needed to reach production-ready code.

Key features include:

  • Support for running container-based applications on the device
  • Adoption of known open, de-facto software frameworks and industry-standard APIs
  • Support for high-level programing languages
  • Deep learning toolchain and API

Supporting most Axis products and hardware, ACAP version 4 bridges the gap between edge and server or cloud. It also allows developers to use the edge for building faster, more scalable, and more efficient solutions that fully utilize Axis devices.

Axis partners and end customers will benefit from all of these developments. With ACAP version 4, they’ll gain more opportunity to create and deliver new, innovative applications.

As a result, Axis partners can stay focused on their customers and on creating solutions based on their unique needs. Furthermore, end customers will gain the ability to better leverage all of the processing power within their system, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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