Accenture to acquire OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS

OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS’ subsidiaries, Open Stream and Neutral will strengthen Accenture’s cloud, AI, smart logistics, retail and manufacturing capabilities

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has agreed to acquire OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS and its subsidiaries, Open Stream and Neutral, to help clients reinvent their businesses with advanced digital technologies and become truly data-driven. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition will add approximately 1,000 cloud and other digital experts to Accenture’s cloud and digital engineering and manufacturing teams. They will strengthen Accenture’s capabilities to support clients in system and application modernization and help them adopt cloud, data, AI and IoT technologies. They will also enhance Accenture’s business by bringing a strong client portfolio and automation solutions for the entire product value chain, from procurement and manufacturing processes to logistics and after-sales service.

Open Stream, with a team of 600 professionals, provides consulting and systems integration services, and advanced technologies, including cloud, AI, IoT and cybersecurity, for logistics and retail industries. The firm also offers low-code development platforms for production management, inventory management, logistics and accounting systems used by more than 2,800 companies, and solutions for smart factories. Open Stream became part of OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS in 2020.

Neutral and its 400 professionals specialize in system integration in the automotive and the manufacturing industries. The firm has built strong credentials in manufacturing management, 3D computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering solutions for the manufacturing industry, system integration of electronic medical records for medical institutions, system integration for local governments, and AI-powered forecasting, root cause analysis and predictive maintenance tools. Neutral joined OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS in 2021.

“With OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS, we can better help our clients reinvent their businesses and become truly data-driven,” said Atsushi Egawa who leads Accenture’s business in Japan. “The cloud and digital expertise that OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS, Open Stream and Neutral possess aligns perfectly with Accenture’s broad capabilities and deep experience in cloud, data and AI. Open Stream’s and Neutral’s talent, solutions and client relationships with manufacturing and logistics companies will also strengthen our Industry X service. Our shared culture and strategy of embracing change will allow us to help Japanese companies scale faster and achieve value quicker.”

“Under our group vision of ‘continuously challenging the norm’, OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS has been attuned to changes in society and the market, contributing to the creation of a future society enabled by advanced digital technologies,” said Kazuhiko Yoshihara, Representative Director & President of OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS. “Recognizing the accelerated pace of digital reinvention, we aim to be a constant presence that galvanizes the industry by walking together with our clients. Accenture is a company that has realized similar ideals across industries and borders. By joining together, we can further leverage the achievements and experiences we have built in a wide range of fields and contribute to the creation of a better future society.”

By acquiring OPENSTREAM HOLDINGS and its subsidiaries, Accenture continues to invest in its technology and digital engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Japan. In April, the company acquired CLIMB, a technology services provider for system integration, IT infrastructure management and operations, primarily in the Gunma Prefecture. In January, Accenture established a joint venture with MUJIN to bring AI and robotics to the manufacturing and logistics industries. In 2022, it added Trancom ITS’ digital engineering and operational technology capabilities to its Industry X business. In 2021, it acquired DI Square’s consulting capabilities for product lifecycle management (PLM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) systems integration.

Completion of the acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions.

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