Adaptiva launches OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike

Autonomous patching product, now available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, leverages rich vulnerability data from the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform to reduce intrusion risk

Adaptiva, a global leader in autonomous endpoint management, today announced OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike, a new integration with the industry-leading AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform to help organizations quickly address critical vulnerabilities. With this integration, Adaptiva leverages rich vulnerability data from the Falcon platform to help customers reduce risk by prioritizing critical vulnerabilities and fixing them fast with automated patching. OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike is available for purchase in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, a one-stop destination and world-class ecosystem of third-party security products.

OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike rapidly remediates vulnerabilities for Windows and more than 1,500 third-party applications as soon as a patch is available. The product uses CrowdStrike’s rich vulnerability insights from Falcon Exposure Management, including real-time ExPRT Rating and Exploit Status, to determine patch priorities, severity, and scheduling to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are patched immediately. It can also configure patching automations and controls to remediate vulnerabilities according to unique business rules and schedules. IT teams simply set up their organization’s specific patching requirements and Adaptiva’s trusted platform does the rest. 

Research shows that 60% of organizations take two weeks or more just to initiate a patch deployment. Typically, security teams use assessment tools to identify vulnerabilities and then share the data with IT departments who manually patch endpoints. However, siloed processes often lead to delays in patching and a lack of visibility that expose organizations to cyberattacks. With Adaptiva and CrowdStrike, organizations can automatically discover their most critical vulnerabilities and fix them fast.  

“OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike bridges the gap between identifying vulnerabilities and rapidly remediating them to protect organizations from potential threats,” said Dr. Deepak Kumar, Founder and CEO at Adaptiva. “By integrating CrowdStrike’s rich vulnerability data and threat intelligence with Adaptiva’s autonomous patching, our joint customers can automatically patch what matters with precision. This deep level of integration and control allows organizations to eliminate attack surfaces at scale while also improving compliance, collaboration, and accountability between security and IT Teams.”

OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike is built with the adaptable capabilities that Adaptiva is known for, including:

  • Risk-Based Prioritization: Deploy critical patches immediately with CrowdStrike ExPRT rating filters that accelerate patch deployment with precision.
  • Patch Analytics: Monitor patching progress and compliance status with real-time visibility of patching metrics, trends, and risk exposure.
  • Tiered Deployments: Create phased patch deployment tailored to specific user groups or system types and schedule with dynamic maintenance windows for optimal deployment.
  • Flex Controls: Administrators can instantly pause, cancel, or rollback any deployment.
  • Device Group Management: Apply specific settings, maintenance windows, and rollout processes to groups of endpoints that share common attributes including business purpose, location, or set of end-users, including groups from the Falcon platform. 
  • Custom Approvals: Define and edit specific patch deployment approval settings, schedules, and automated notifications for IT and security teams to mirror specific organizational policies.

OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike is available for purchase in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, a one-stop destination and world-class ecosystem of third-party security products. As a CrowdStrike Marketplace partner, CrowdStrike customers can now seamlessly purchase OneSite Patch and leverage their existing CrowdCredits.

To learn more about Adaptiva OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike, visit:

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