Adastra launches AI Innovation Centre

Adastra, one of the leading global data and analytics solutions providers, announced today that it has launched a Global AI Innovation Centre, located in Montreal, to accelerate the development and adoption of AI-powered business solutions, using Microsoft solutions including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Adastra is a global leader in developing data and AI solutions across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, automotive, and public sector for over 25 years. With Adastra’s AI solution expertise, combined with Azure AI, Adastra strives to help organizations innovate and re-imagine business operations. With the power of Azure OpenAI Service, Adastra has achieved phenomenal results. For example, recently, a North American accredited membership association, used Azure OpenAI Service to achieve 10x faster access to information, accelerate their research process 4x, and reduce manual errors to 0.

The AI Innovation Centre will be focusing on North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and will prioritize unlocking value for organizations with Adastra’s generative AI offers, helping organizations launch analytics 90% faster, improve insight generation by more than 50%, improve bot success rates by more than 50%, and reduce manual content generation by 5x, all while keeping critical data secure.

“By using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, we’re giving our customers the keys to AI-driven excellence. Harnessing this technology can help you speed day-to-day workflows, uncover hidden insights, and cut costs. The future is now, and we’re excited to guide our customers towards it,” said Ondrej Vanek, Adastra’s Chief AI Officer.

“Montreal is quickly becoming a global epicentre for innovation in AI, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Global AI Innovation Centre, a pioneering endeavour that will set new standards in AI development,” added Carl Spitzer, Adastra’s Global Microsoft Lead. “We will drive business transformation, influence global trends, and make Montreal a focal point of global AI advancements.”

“Today’s launch of the Global AI Centre of Innovation in Montreal represents yet another milestone in our relationship with Microsoft and recognizes the burgeoning AI market growth in Montreal and around the world,” said Rahim Hajee, CEO Adastra North America.

Rather than utilizing open-source technology and exposing data to public consumption, Adastra and Microsoft’s partnership protects data on private instances of Azure OpenAI.

“By harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Adastra’s expertise, customers can unlock the full potential of generative AI while minimizing risks,” said Deidre Lipton SMC Lead, Microsoft Canada. “Together, we’re driving customer transformation and setting new standards of excellence in an AI-driven world.”

This marks a milestone in Adastra’s journey to reshape industries through AI-driven innovation. For more information please visit:

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