Agio Disrupts the IT Support Landscape with AI Service Platform

Secure, fast, reliable integrated IT and cybersecurity services powered by predictive intelligence, augmented by human brilliance

Today Agio, a leading hybrid cybersecurity and managed IT organization, unveils their new AI-enabled service platformAgioNow, a powerful tech stack that supports a full range of managed IT and cybersecurity services.

This launch was funded by an investment from Point72 Hyperscale and is a result of an 18-month technology buildout designed to accelerate operational agility, reduce costs, and unleash the potential of the future workforce, Agio’s new algorithms use applied AI to help predict, find, and fix issues faster. This represents a shift from the traditionally reactive role of IT and cybersecurity support to Agio’s proactive focus on complex, preventative solutions. As a result, Agio clients experience fewer technical issues and higher-quality interactions with their service desk, resulting in a 30% reduction in issues in the first 90 days. The debut coincides with an updated website showcasing Agio’s new platform offerings. 

Last year, Agio founder and CEO Bart McDonough decided to challenge the traditional model of technology support. Believing that clients should expect more and that AI was the key to unlock a new model of support, Agio engaged a team of data scientists, data engineers, developers, and product managers to ask and understand from their clients what outcomes they would find most helpful. Together they developed a tech-enabled service offering that leverages the best of AI, machine learning, and human interaction.

The result is a frictionless service that reduces issues, increases speed to resolution, and makes clients smarter, all to allow clients to spend more time focused on their work and less time worrying about IT. Agio’s highly sophisticated service platform was designed specifically to overcome daily challenges faced by clients.

Founded by Bart McDonough in 2010, Agio is a preeminent cyber and technology provider with over 300 employees in six office locations worldwide. Agio offers IT and cybersecurity services to its clients, who represent the world’s most prestigious hedge fund, private equity, and asset management firms.

“Our vision is to provide secure, reliable, and resilient systems for our clients,” says Bart McDonough, CEO and founder of Agio. “By combining predictive intelligence and human brilliance we have changed the game.

We define an exceptional experience as one where clients have few issues impacting their ability to work and when they do, those impediments get solved very quickly. Ultimately that means less time with IT and more time working on their business.”

“We were thrilled to invest in and partner with Agio on this extraordinary next generation IT service,” says Sri Chandrasekar of Point72 Hyperscale. “We fundamentally believe that AI/ML is going to transform the way in which IT services are delivered. Problems will be identified before they happen, and issues, when they do happen will be resolved substantially faster. Agio is at the forefront of this innovation.”

Agio’s approach ensures technology works to enable, rather than inhibit. Utilizing a strategic methodology of standardization, instrumentation, optimization, and automation, Agio provides the ultimate proactive experience for hedge funds to accommodate today’s increasingly remote workforce.

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