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AI & Data Consortium Innovates Asset Management

Alpha FMC launches a consortium of global investment managers and AI experts to help the industry innovate leveraging AI, cutting through noise and seeking to maximize value from AI thought leadership & investment

Alpha FMC, the leading global consultancy to the top asset and wealth management, insurance, and private markets firms, today announced the launch of its AI & Data Science Innovation Hub. The Hub is a consortium of investment managers and AI experts from across the globe collaborating and offering industry-specific expertise to navigate artificial intelligence (AI) and data science opportunities across the industry.

“There is a lot of noise and hyperbole around AI and data science in the financial services market,” said Sam Iles, Alpha’s Senior Partner and Head of Ventures & Innovation. “With the Hub, we can provide clarity and a structured evaluation process focused on delivering tangible, realistic AI-driven outcomes to our clients, and offer members the opportunity to access industry-specialist AI talent and collaborate with peers in an efficient, cost-effective manner.”

The AI market is forecasted to experience an annual growth rate of 37.3% through 2030. More businesses are exploring strategies to apply the benefits of AI and data science to boost their bottom line. However, navigating AI and data science can be intimidating and extremely time-consuming, having to cut through the noise, evaluate a plethora of vendor options, and work out how to apply AI to industry-specific use cases in ways that add value. Through Alpha’s new Hub, clients can join the consortium and have access to AI experts, industry insights, blueprints and best practice to help them achieve tangible results and outputs targeted to industry-specific use cases.

“We created The Hub after hearing from clients that they wanted to leverage AI and data science in a way that works for them,” said Dr. Till Blesik, the data scientist leading The Hub. “There are a plethora of AI solutions and options, the Hub allows us to highlight the different strengths for our clients and offer insights for a path forward rooted in rigorous and consistent evaluation, and the collective knowledge of the consortium.”

Alpha’s Hub monitors and researches the latest innovations in the industry and changes in leading technology platforms and applications, helping clients leverage the most appropriate technology architecture across their landscape. The Hub offers:

  • Definitions of structured AI architectures
  • Training and playbooks to enable the workforce
  • Tailored benchmarks and actionable insights
  • Organizational structures that fit architecture and strategy

Additionally, all the AI resources developed in the Hub use industry-leading tools and applications, such as Snowflake & Azure, and through industry partnerships with tailored solutions such as BlueFlame AI, to streamline portability into client architectures when building solutions and ensure members stay at the cutting edge of innovation with vendor solutions. The Hub is being launched with a number of global investment managers as founding members and will be available to additional members and strategic partners within the next month.

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