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AI for Content Moderation

In today’s open-internet world & rise in User Generated Content, content moderation is a must-have feature for brands. Check out how AI can empower Content Moderation.

The digital surge during the pandemic also led to a spike in the number of users of the internet. All the graphs and trends of social media users only went uphill. And this increase in traffic wasn’t just limited to social media, but it went beyond news channels, learning apps, entertainment channels, gaming sites, and even streaming channels.

As the amount of users on the internet increases, it also increases the chances and instances of explicit, offensive, and demeaning content that does no good but causes a lot of harm to the rest of the users and image of the brand.

During the pandemic, the world witnessed a really disheartening and sad incident of the death of George Floydd. While millions of supporters came to protest for justice for black lives, there were a ton of hate comments and racist posts floating on several social channels that were considered harmful to the community. Now, a company can only review so many posts, manually, but there was a need to remove these offensive comments and hateful language. 

What can companies do in such situations?

Content Moderation, but using the modern and advanced AI algorithmic models.

AI Content Moderation is nothing but the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and its subsets to identify explicit, fake, harmful, spammy, and unprofessional content from the channel in question. 

Types of Content AI can moderate

AI can moderate content of a varied range of forms such as text, image, video, audio, and even integrated content such as texts on images or videos.

Advantages and Distinct Capabilities of AI-Based Content Moderators

  • NLP-driven text classification combined with computer vision to extract image text in order to identify toxic posts can help in reducing the risk of posting offensive and suggestive content. ClarifAI efficiently helps in reducing these types of risks with advanced NLP.
  • Search Management is an integral part of content moderation and with solutions such as ClarifAI’s recently expanded part of product portfolio, Spacetime Search, companies can leverage visual search engines that can automatically index unstructured data search for visually similar pictures as well as custom concepts in images, video and even textual data while including an intuitive user interface for bulk operations, sorting, and filtering data.
  • Brand Image Management can be done by deploying advanced AI models for content moderation by simply identifying content that may be copyrighted. 
  • Most importantly, Content Moderation protects your customers from cyber bullying and enhances the relationship that they share with the company.

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