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AI-powered, PROS Delivers Omnichannel Connectivity for Magento

PROS Connector delivers real-time consistent winning prices as part of their broader omnichannel strategy

PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimize selling in the digital economy, today announced the release of its PROS Connector for Real-Time Pricing, enabling delivery of real-time, optimized prices to Magento Commerce stores. Now, Magento Commerce merchants can easily connect their Magento Commerce stores to award-winning PROS pricing solutions to power an omnichannel buying experience for their customers, delivering market relevant and personalized pricing across all go to market channels.

B2B companies face two key challenges in pricing – determining the right price and determining that price quickly. Lagging, outdated pricing is the number one reason purchasing professionals switch vendors.1 Pre-eCommerce, back-office systems are not designed to handle the scale of today’s digital buyers and relying on these systems for market-relevant, consistent, rational pricing across channels leads to poor customer experiences and eCommerce performance. PROS pricing solutions leverage scalability of the cloud, business user defined rules, and advanced artificial intelligence – backed by more than three decades of AI expertise – to enable businesses to optimize prices, quickly, across any channel, whether it is eCommerce, direct or partner.

“In today’s market environment, buyers want fast, personalized, and consistent digital purchasing experiences, and have little patience for merchants that are unable to deliver them,” said PROS Solution Strategy Director Valerie Howard. “With PROS real-time pricing, merchants can power a connected, omnichannel buying experience by delivering prices that are consistent, rational and personalized to their customers, winning deals and protecting profitability.”

The PROS Connector for Real-Time Pricing for Magento Commerce gives merchants a competitive, real-time pricing advantage by providing:

  • Sub-second price delivery, allowing for retrieval of pre-negotiated and pre-calculated customer-specific prices
  • Real-time price calculation and optimization, allowing for real-time evaluation of best-fit pricing in context of customer profile and market conditions
  • High-performance scalability that maintains fast response times, even in periods of peak demand

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