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AI Software Vtrading to Launch Quantitative Custody Service Section


Vtrading, a black sheep in Cryptocurrency, is expected to launch the quantitative custody service section, with which, users can choose the entrusting party to custody the funds through the Vtrading platform in order to better participate in quantitative services in the encryption field.

Vtrading quantitative custody section helps users bid farewell to tedious transactions, one-click custody, and make income simpler. It has the following characteristics:

  • Abundant asset management solutions to accelerate asset appreciation
  • One-stop operation and efficient platform management of the asset management team
  • One-click to start custody, transparent and visible revenue
  • API one-click authorization to strictly control the security of funds
  • Two-way guarantee of margin, escort by the platform
  • Low barriers to entry, you can withdraw at any time

‘The blessing of the system sector of Vtrading will inevitably enable more investment users to better enjoy the dividends in the encryption field, and at the same time, it will also broaden the moat for its gradual enrichment of diverse ecological scenarios.’ said by Donglai song, the CEO of Vtrading.

Quantitative trading is based on AI and big data technology, which can mine, filter, analyze, and lock massive data, which can make trend judgments on the periodicity of market fluctuations.  In other words, the use of quantitative trading, whether it is up or down, can make a profit with a high probability.

Through the quantitative custody service section, users can achieve both life and currency speculation. Quantitative trading is actually to integrate more intelligent logic and thinking into a set of accurate, more efficient, and more suitable for rapid market changes. The code is set up on the server, and the exchange API is called, 24 hours a day. 

With this new function, users don’t have to worry about not being able to understand the principle of candlesticks, and don’t have to worry about having no source of information. Users only need to match the corresponding strategy according to their own investment style. After the strategy is deployed, it can be opened with one click and the strategy can be operated intelligently.

It’s the unique features and advantages that distinguish Vtrading from other similar Apps, such as, no need to keep an eye on market 7-24; save time, and realize intelligent transactions 24 hours a day; and enter the investment field with zero threshold, invest funds with one click, and grasp the market faster and more accurately; in addition, regardless of the ups and downs of the market, our trading strategy can help arbitrage in the shock range. 

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