AITech Interview with Terry Hu, Product Manager at Playsee

Learn how AILEX sets itself apart with personalized recommendations based on your preferences, ensuring a unique and customized experience unlike any other AI feature.

Terry, can you please share a bit about your professional journey and how you became involved with Playsee, especially in the context of the development of AILEX?

Over the past five years I’ve worked in digital marketing, including social media marketing. When I joined Playsee, I quickly became involved in the product department and naturally became the Product Manager for AILEX from ideation to launch.

We wanted to create an interactive feature for users to discover and connect with their local community and spots. By simply chatting with AILEX, users can find new places to go or communities that share their interests in their area. 

How does AILEX leverage both AI technology and local knowledge to provide users with personalized lifestyle recommendations?

AILEX, which stands for AI location expert, is powered by AI and local knowledge from content around the user. AILEX makes lifestyle recommendations after considering a user’s input and what they are interested in doing and learning more about. Lifestyle recommendations can come in the form of videos, hot spots, or communities that are close in proximity and of interest to users.

In what ways does AILEX facilitate engaging conversations with users? How does this enhance the overall experience of users?

AILEX is a chatbot where users can engage in conversation with it. With a friendly personality, users can simply have a fun conversation with AILEX. While engaging in conversation, AILEX gets to know the user and will be able to provide accessible lifestyle recommendations where users can go to and experience.

AILEX asks users about their preferences and tailors recommendations accordingly. Can you elaborate on how this personalized approach sets AILEX apart from other AI-driven features on the market?

The differentiating factor would be AILEX’s ability to understand a user’s needs as it continues to get to know them, while also providing suggestions that are local and accessible.

AILEX directs users to specific Playsee communities. How does this feature encourage community engagement and connection among users with similar interests?

When a user chats with AILEX, the chatbot also identifies a community that would be suitable in terms of interest to users and shares it with them. AILEX also identifies why the community may be relevant. This way when users are interested in a certain topic they can find a community and connect with people that are like-minded and share the same interests and passions.

AILEX takes weather into account when making recommendations. How does this enhance the user experience, and what challenges did the team face in implementing this dynamic aspect?

The ability to take weather into consideration enables more suitable suggestions for the user. For example, if it’s sunny, AILEX would encourage users to go outside to enjoy the sun by sharing spots or activities that are best suited for a sunny day near them. 

How does AILEX contribute to the local exposure of small businesses, and what benefits can businesses anticipate from being featured in AILEX’s recommendations?

By prioritizing lifestyle recommendations close by, local businesses are able to get more exposure from people who may not frequently visit or were never aware about them in the first place. In return, AILEX can help small businesses gain more local foot traffic.

As a product manager, what advice do you have for individuals or businesses looking to integrate AI-driven features into their products or services for a more personalized user experience?

Businesses or individuals looking to integrate AI-driven features into their operation or social lifestyle can look into using AI features such as AILEX, which provide more personalized experiences to reach the right customers and allow users to discover great local gems. 

Any final thoughts or messages you would like to share with our readers regarding the future of Playsee, AILEX, or the broader landscape of AI-driven social applications?

We’re always working on enhancing Playsee to enable our users to have a better experience and build connections with their local community. It’s our mission to bring accessibility to everything and make it easier for people to create meaningful connections to where they are in life. We are releasing an update to AILEX soon so be on the lookout!

Terry Hu

Product Manager at Playsee

Terry Hu is the AI Product Manager at Playsee, a social media platform that enables discovery and community connections within your surrounding area. Terry’s work has a focus on the app’s AI feature AILEX – an AI chatbot and friendly companion that provides local lifestyle suggestions to users.   

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