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AITRICS is an AI-driven Sepsis Detection Startup

Introducing AITRICS, a medical startup solving inefficiencies in intensive care with its proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

AITRICS, a medical software company, announces VitalCare, an early detection and prevention management solution for use in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

VitalCare is a suite of software that monitors the electronic medical records of a patient in real-time. Therefore, it detects and prognoses potential risks involving an acute form of pyelonephritis, pulmonary embolism, sudden cardiac arrest, or sepsis in advance, to mitigate or significantly reduce the rate of mortality.

The product was developed through years of collaborative research and development efforts with Yonsei Medical Center, one of the nation’s premier research hospitals.

At the core, it enables an “Uncertainty-Aware” attention mechanism using a proprietary artificial intelligence engine. It consists of unique Bayesian Deep-Learning and Meta-Learning techniques. These techniques are employed to accomplish high accuracy in an uncertainty model development with a minimum data learning intervention. Recognized for its high performance, its underpinning technology in the product is well received by the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurlIPS) and International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), which are considered internationally renowned authorities on AI.

In a recent Covid-19 outbreak, the infected patients exhibited a range of symptoms with different lapses of time. Early-stage proactive detection increases the chance of recovery but considerably diminishes if left untreated for a prolonged period.

Similarly, in the case of sepsis, early prognosis is critical. However, if the disease-causing pathogen can’t be discovered in time, this could lead to severe irreversible internal damage and side effects and worse death of a patient.

AITRICS founder and the CEO, Jin-Gyu Yu believes with his company’s solution, “VitalCare can potentially reverse this situation through shortening and accelerating the process while gaining greater accuracy in diagnosis. It further provides treatment recommendations as well as an optimized prescription guideline for which could increase the possibility of patient survival in critical conditions. Reduced unnecessary medical expenses are likewise an added benefit. For attending doctors and medical staff, VitalCare will improve their productivity with fewer errors and ultimately provide a superior quality of service.” Jin-Gyu said that “AITRICS will continually develop and improve its AI capabilities to provide a trusted solution for the medical professional.”

AITRICS has recently established a collaboration with Cleveland Clinic to validate VitalCare’s performance. Utilizing the vast amount of clinical data, AITRICS intends to verify the accuracy and fine-tune the model parameters in its product. With this software, the company is aiming to gain a better handle on patients at a critical time and support Cleveland Clinic to optimize its use of resources at the same time. Eventually, AITRICS will proceed with a plan to gradually expand the study into other areas of disease upon successful completion of the test. AITRICS has taken an initial step forward with its US partner and is now preparing for FDA approval.

Jin-Gyu is excited that “AITRICS will focus on integrating AI technology to other applications for creating practical solutions in the near future and is allowed to assist the public in gaining easier access to experience AI in action. Obviously, AI cannot solve every problem, but it can definitely help in solving existing issues that couldn’t be solved before or offer reasonable values for labor-intensive industries. Currently, AITRICS is challenging problems ahead in the healthcare market through honing and applying its technical skills and will continue to pave ways to prove countless possibilities.”

Upon obtaining approval for regulatory compliance, AlTrics will concentrate its efforts to commercialize products and accelerate solution development for new drug discovery.

Meanwhile, AITRICS will proactively engage with the medical community, local municipalities, and academia regularly to promote the value of AI technologies.

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