AITX Announces Regulation Crowdfunding for its Subsidiary RAD-M

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Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTCPK:AITX), is pleased to announce that its majority owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices Mobile, Inc. (RAD-M) has begun a short private placement offering in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through TruCrowd. Full details can be found here:

RAD-M announces the launch of its dedicated website that identifies that letters of intent for pre-orders worth more than $16 million in total potential revenue of ROAMEO units have been received from a variety of dealers and end users including Fortune 500 companies.

“I believe this is a great opportunity for a wide variety of investors and enthusiasts to join the #RADArmy as we continue to define the Autonomous Remote Services industry that we expect will join manned guarding and physical security as a multi-billion dollar industry,” said Steve Reinharz, Founder and President of RAD-M. “End user response to RAD-M’s flagship solution ROAMEO, with the minimal engagements that we have pursued, has been nothing short of overwhelming.”

The company’s lead product, a mobile robot named ROAMEO, towers over 6’6” tall and weighs over 700 lbs. According to the company, ROAMEO is designed to autonomously patrol a property or periphery and survey its surroundings, conducting routine patrols, recording and reporting back to the central command center. The AI-analytics and backend systems utilized by ROAMEO are those of RAD-M’s sister-company, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD).

“RAD-M’s is one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve yet seen,” said Vincent Petrescu, CEO of truCrowd, Inc. “RAD-M’s selection of the TruCrowd’s platform is continued validation of our success as a leading regulation crowdfunding site.”

The company may post important information about its subsidiaries RAD-M and RAD on the websites www.radroameo and and through tweets from RAD/RAD-M President and CEO Steve Reinharz (

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