Akooda launches its AI-powered Search Platform

Akooda, the world’s first operations intelligence platform, today launched the newest way to get the answers every company is looking for through its AI-powered Enterprise Search platform that allows any employee to ask any question and get any answer.

Powered by a patent-pending combination of AI, statistical modeling, NLP and military-grade security, Akooda’s platform provides a nuanced understanding of natural language queries. Akooda integrates with nearly all major software platforms including Salesforce, Atlassian, Google Suite, Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Slack, Hubspot, Github, Notion, Asana, Zoom, Box, Okta, and more. Its answers are enriched with advanced analysis, providing not only relevance and timeliness but also significant insights.

Examples of questions answerable by Akooda’s platform include:

  • Who is the best person to reach out to about <internal project>?
  • What issues did we have with <feature> for <customer>?
  • How many deals have we closed in Q1?
  • How much time has been spent in meetings regarding <topic>?
  • What are the latest happenings around <customer>?
  • What does <internal lingo term> stand for?

Akooda’s AI-driven solution leverages advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and statistical modeling techniques to swiftly and accurately identify relevant data within an organization’s ecosystem. Akooda’s engine breaks down every unit of work from the tools companies already use, and connects the dots so that everyone – across all business units and disciplines – can speak the same language. It employs a security and privacy-first mindset that is not only SOC-2 Type-2 compliant but also never stores any raw customer data.

“Our mission is clear: to empower organizations in optimizing their operations by providing a holistic understanding of what’s going on across all tools, personnel, and assets. With the aid of our advanced AI models, we’re revolutionizing access to information, ensuring that they can ask any question and get the exact answer that they need,” said Akooda CEO and founder Yuval Gonczarowski. “Our vision? A world where every individual, irrespective of title or role, can effortlessly access the insights needed to drive progress and achieve greatness.”

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