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Alltius launches Gen AI platform suite for Financial Services

Alltius’ new AI assistants help financial institutions, insurance brokerages and banks to slash customer wait times, drive sales & improve customer support.

Alltius, a leader in enterprise conversational AI assistants, announced the launch of its new Gen AI suite tailored for financial services sales and customer support.

Alltius’ Gen AI platform, which is built on decades of research from Carnegie Mellon University and the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, helps organizations transform their customer and employee experiences with accurate and skillful AI assistants for sales, support, product discovery and self-service. With the new product suite, financial institutions can rely on a Gen AI platform with enhanced security measures, financial domain expertise while adhering to strict info-sec requirements.

The new product suite comprises of four components:

In-Product Assist:
A self-service end user copilot that automates customer interactions, provides 24/7 instant support, while delivering 99% accuracy for all kinds of customer queries. With In-Product assist, financial institutions can deflect 60-95% of incoming tickets while reducing customer wait times to seconds instead of hours.

Sales Assist:
A domain specific sales representative AI assistant that improves sales productivity by handling repetitive tasks, ramps up agents faster with tailored coaching and increases sales conversion rates by 3X within months with personalized and need-based sales pitches.

Support Agent Assist:
AI tools for support agents that can tackle 99% of routine queries, allowing teams to focus on complex issues & improving productivity by 20%+ within a month. It includes features such automatic CRM updates, pre-drafted support responses, canned responses for legal questions and tailored onboarding assistant.

Website Assist:
AI copilot for website that improves website traffic conversion rates by guiding website visitors to correct information and assistant visitors find best plans or services based on their needs.

Leading financial institutions like Assurance IQ have partnered with Alltius to improve their contact center experience. Assurance IQ used Alltius’ Sales Assistants to ramp up new agents within 2 months as opposed to 6 months earlier. “One of the best [platforms] we have seen in the market. Also, they are one of the best teams we have worked with among our vendors after trying this ourselves for 2 years,” said Nick Howard, CTO, Assurance IQ.

Sanjay Nath, a partner at Blume Ventures and veteran investor in SaaS says that “Vibhanshu and the Altius team were hyper focused to build out wide ranging use cases across sales, customer support and customer success from day 1 and go after massive markets. Accruing value in the current generative AI cycle, which we are currently witnessing, hinges on the ability to have the focus to build feature sets that solve these use cases end to end and we see Altius to be on the best path to do that.”

Recently, Klarna has reported saving millions of dollars using GenAI support chatbots. Alltius has delivered similar outcomes for several large financial institutions and new age fintech companies saving them over US$ 4 millions in savings. Their insurance focused sales assistant has decreased training time for insurance agents for 6 months to 2 months, while increasing the sales volumes by over 30% for large carriers and brokerages. 

“Alltius is dedicated to revolutionizing the sales and customer support journeys with our advanced AI assistants”, said Vibs Abhishek, CEO of Alltius. “Our partnership with leading financial institutions provides the proof of transformative impact AI can have on customer support and across other teams”.

For more information, please visit Alltius.

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