Alpha Transform Holdings announces strategic investment in ceτi AI

AI infrastructure provider led by former CEO Dennis Jarvis is formed to accelerate and democratize decentralized AI

Alpha Transform Holdings Alpha Liquid Fund today announced a new investment in ceτi AI (CETI), an AI infrastructure provider that is accelerating the advancement of decentralized artificial intelligence through energy-driven infrastructure.

Founded by a team of visionaries led by Dennis Jarvis (formerly of and Apple), ceτi AI is on a mission to democratize access to AI by building a globally distributed, high-performance, intelligent, and scalable infrastructure network that supports innovative decentralized AI networks. By optimizing the overall use of resources across the network, ceτi AI produces economically useful work at all times, reducing waste, and lowering the barriers to entry for AI development, thereby accelerating innovation and reducing costs for everyone.

“We believe that compute power, and specifically access to cutting edge GPUs, will be the new oil in the race to develop and implement new AI models”, said Enzo Villani, Founder and CEO of Alpha Transform Holdings.  “ceτi AI is emerging as a clear leader in this space both in terms of raw network capacity and in decentralizing access to compute, leading to a more efficient and fair playing field for artificial intelligence development.”

“We are excited about Alpha Transform Holdings’ strategic investment and their confidence in our vision. This partnership will accelerate our efforts to democratize AI and push the boundaries of decentralized AI infrastructure,” said Dennis Jarvis, CEO of ceτi AI. “With this investment, we are well-positioned to scale our infrastructure, support more decentralized networks, and drive innovation in the AI sector.”

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