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Alteryx announces Early Access of the easy-to-use Designer experience


New browser-based experience and support for cloud data platforms make it easier to enable every analyst to deliver insights from cloud data

Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), the Analytics Automation company, today announced the Early Access of the easy-to-use Designer experience in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud to make analytics accessible to all users. The new Designer interface will be powered by the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, meaning all cloud users will have access to the browser-based no-code analytics tool, with in-database pushdown processing for cloud data warehouses.

“Genomics England provides essential services to support clinicians to diagnose and tailor treatments for cancers and rare diseases. We needed a platform that could support us in carrying out this vital work without interrupting our day-to-day operations,” said Thomas Oscroft, Head of Data Operations, Genomics England. “The Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform checked all the boxes because it was low-code, cloud-based, secure, robust, and scalable. Adopting Designer Cloud has helped us cut our delivery times by 50 percent, even while the company was scaling. It helps us get real-time information faster, make better decisions, and democratize analytics.”

The Early Access program brings the Designer experience to the Alteryx Analytics Cloud today. Key highlights of the solution:

  • Easy to use, easy to access: The no-code/code-friendly, easy-to-use Designer interface is now accessible via any web browser. Anywhere, anytime on any machine, everyone across the enterprise can build easy-to-use workflows to prepare, blend, and analyze data to drive better outcomes.
  • Re-imagined for the cloud: The new Designer experience includes built-in Scheduling to effortlessly automate analytics and workflows.
  • Optimized for cloud databases: Automated and visual in-database processing for cloud data platforms enables analysts to work with large datasets directly where they are, unlocking faster and lower cost insights from big data.

“Snowflake’s partnership with Alteryx makes it easier and more accessible for our joint customers to transform big data into actionable insights,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “With its intuitive analytics and in-database processing on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform, the Alteryx Analytics Cloud provides advanced analytics and data science innovation in the cloud, which helps our customers get ahead of market demands by making strategic business decisions faster.”

“Alteryx has over 8,000 customers who love the ease-of-use of Designer, and the appetite for transforming using data and analytics is only going up,” said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer, Alteryx. “The new Alteryx Analytics Cloud experience empowers enterprises with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud so they can make analytics more accessible to every user across their organization.”

Get early access to the new and enhanced Designer experience via the Alteryx Analytics Cloud now.

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