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Amazon FBA Ranking Service for Sellers to Boost Listing Position

Signalytics offers Amazon FBA ranking services for sellers to boost listing position, utilize data and gain intelligence, visibility and growth. The company aims to help Amazon sellers save in ad spend and increase organic and advertising revenue.

Signalytics is excited to offer its Amazon FBA ranking services for sellers to boost their listing position. Although Signalytics is currently offering services tailored for Amazon sellers, the company is working on plans to branch out to general e-commerce sellers in the future.

Anthony Lee, the senior spokesperson for the company says, “At Signalytics, our goal is to gather the absolute best data for your business, and deploy strategies designed to utilize that data to gain your brand intelligence, visibility, and growth.”

The company states its mission is to help e-commerce business owners scale their brand dramatically by maximizing visibility through organic keyword rank and paid media channels.

“Search algorithms rely on quality traffic and user activity to push visibility. Our applied data and methods provide those algorithms with exactly what they need to get you seen,” Lee explains.

According to Signalytics, its Amazon FBA keyword, rebates ranking and advertising software:

  • Uses ranking dominance (PFR) to identify profitable keywords to target in advertising and promotions, discovering the exact terms and activity buyers (and competitors) engage in for smarter promotions;
  • Drives signals from all over the web to the offer and let the ranking algorithms know the brand’s products deserve to be seen;
  • Scales business with a machine learning algorithm that builds PPC campaign structures based on data, helping to gain visibility on the search engine, be it Amazon or Google.

Through the use of keyword data, social traffic, purchase data and varied signals, the Amazon FBA software is designed to provide the channels to drive signals to a brand’s products, showing that the brand’s offers are in high demand. Additionally, Signalytics will help maximize business growth with human-augmented advertising management (AI+Managed PPC).

“We’ve been able to successfully assist clients with dramatic optimization of their Amazon PPC campaigns. This has resulted in thousands of dollars saved in spend and thousands more generated in both organic and advertising revenue,” Lee concludes.

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