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Amba and PacSana Join Forces to Innovate Senior Health

New partnership brings cutting-edge care solutions to improve senior well-being 

Amba Health and Care, a leader in advanced senior care technology, is proud to announce its partnership with PacSana, a cutting-edge health and safety wearable for older adults. This strategic partnership aims to elevate care standards for residents and drive growth by enhancing care efficiencies for senior healthcare providers

Amba Health and Care’s leading-edge care delivery platform leverages AI automation to provide real-time insights into sleep and activity, mobility and wandering, gait, and other wellness indicators. This enables precise, proactive care notifications, allowing senior living operators to deliver timely resident checks and care interventions. By optimizing staff resources and reducing unnecessary tasks, Amba’s solution not only enhances care quality but also significantly lowers operational costs.

“We strive to prevent adverse health events, particularly falls and hospitalizations,” says Ernie Ianace, President of Amba Health and Care. “PacSana’s advanced wearable technology offers precise gait analysis, detecting subtle decreases in gait speed that signal an increased risk of falls and potential cognitive decline. Through advanced AI, Amba Health identifies and analyzes these critical indicators to enhance resident safety and well-being.”

PacSana, The Smart Solution for Safe Aging, elevates care with a custom-designed smart bracelet paired with innovative sensor technology. This bracelet collects detailed data and insights on daily activities, exercise, gait, falls, and more, building a precise understanding of care needs both within and outside the home. With actionable insights, PacSana guides caregivers on the right care, when it’s required, and at the most appropriate location. It’s simple enough for ease of use, yet powerful enough to create an immediate impact.

“Sharing a common mission for improving care across the aging continuum, we are very excited to partner with Amba,” says Feargal Duignan, CEO of PacSana. “This partnership will extend our ability to serve even more seniors and their caregivers across the United States.” 

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