AndHealth Uses Elation’s EHR for Virtual Migraine and Autoimmune Care

Elation Health

Digital health partnership brings faster and easier support for complex virtual primary care

Elation Health, the clinical-first technology company powering innovation in digital health and primary care, today announced that AndHealth will continue its use of Elation’s electronic health record (EHR) platform to offer a robust set of in-app continuous care capabilities. AndHealth is a digital health leader in disease reversal with a focus on migraine and autoimmune conditions. The AndHealth care team uses the EHR platform alongside its proprietary technology to deliver and track best-in-class care for migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and psoriasis.

In the U.S. today, more than 50 million people suffer with migraine headaches and autoimmune conditions — making organizations who manage and maintain support for complex chronic illness key partners to high-value primary care providers. With AndHealth following an innovative care delivery model, partnering with Elation for its clinical-first primary care technology to deliver continuous virtual care accelerates its ability to support nationwide access for millions of people living with these conditions.

“AndHealth shares our passion for supporting the highest-quality clinical care with easy-to-use, modern, flexible technology, and we’re pleased to apply these EHR design principles to help those experiencing complex chronic illness,” said Sara Pastoor, MD, MHA, FAAFP, Director of Primary Care Advancement at Elation Health. “Our radical clinical-first approach to technology, which prioritizes the physician-patient relationship, aligns so well with AndHealth’s mission across product development, operations, and customer experiences.”

By providing patients with continuous access to a collaborative care team and certified health coaches through convenient app-based virtual interactions, AndHealth delivers the level of support and patient participation necessary to achieve reversal for migraine and high-cost autoimmune diseases. Studied patient results have shown the effectiveness of the approach in achieving both sustained, dramatic reductions in the symptom burden as well as disease remission. Success in achieving disease reversal also relies heavily on regular patient participation, adding another dimension of interaction management and data capture, which requires a powerful, modern EHR like Elation.

“It takes unique expertise to produce remarkable, life-changing patient reversal outcomes at scale,” said Vicki Muscarella, AndHealth’s VP of Engineering. “A lot of best-in-class elements have to come together. You need the right people, protocols, and patient incentives. And in digital health, you definitely need the right technology. Elation was built from the ground up to provide clinicians with technology that puts the patient interaction first. Like AndHealth, Elation is committed to delivering care differently. Evidence from our own patients proves reversal works. Together, we can share those benefits widely.”

Elation’s modern application programming interface (API), which serves more than one million calls daily, and developer-first platform facilitates AndHealth’s delivery model of continuous patient care — allowing AndHealth to focus on building proprietary components of its technology stack while also leveraging the comprehensive functionality of Elation’s purpose-built EHR with seamless interoperability and real-time clinical insights at the point of care. As the platform of choice for primary care innovators and a leader in value-based care, Elation’s clinical-first approach gives customers like AndHealth the ability to build proprietary solutions that drive cross-functional clinical and operational collaboration.

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