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Anjuna introduces Seaglass™

Anjuna adds Kubernetes support for Azure and Google Cloud, a crucial Blockchain customer, and a 30-day free trial

Anjuna, the leading multi-cloud confidential computing platform, today announced Anjuna Seaglass, the first Universal Confidential Computing Platform. Anjuna Seaglass is a software platform capable of creating trusted execution environments in all the major clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) on any server chipset (Intel SGX, AMD SEV-SNP are supported today – Intel TDX and NVIDIA H100 will be supported when they become available) to run any kind of enterprise application (traditional, containerized, Kubernetes-managed, and emerging ML & AI workloads) with complete data security and privacy – all without requiring any code changes. By virtualizing the latest confidential computing technologies, Anjuna Seaglass creates intrinsic security where data is isolated and encrypted in every state – in use, at rest, and in transit – and is always private, keeping it safe from insider threats, unauthorized privileged code and users, malware and external attackers.

“Anjuna envisions a secure world where any application can run in any environment without hesitations or concerns,” said Ayal Yogev, CEO and co-founder of Anjuna. “In this world, where applications and data can be effectively processed in a sealed and trusted walled garden with the highest levels of security, attackers and insiders even with the top level of privilege will be thwarted from causing the damage that leaves organizations exposed today with huge risk and compliance burden.”

Universal Confidential Computing on Kubernetes
Anjuna Seaglass, formerly known as Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform, delivers intrinsic security across clouds, across server chipsets, and across application architectures, empowering enterprises across industries to compute without fear of vendor lockdown or infrastructure silos, and removing the cloud itself from the chain of trust. The universal nature of Anjuna Seaglass reflects the crucial importance of flexibility and scalability for confidential computing to become an integral element of the cloud compute fabric.

The new Anjuna Seaglass platform introduces important capabilities to complete Anjuna’s vision for a universal platform capable of securing applications on all major clouds, and to enable elastic cloud deployment by leveraging Kubernetes. Anjuna already supports the powerful AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and is now announcing support for Kubernetes-managed applications on:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – available early Q1 2024
  • Google Kubernetes Service (GKE) – available in the first half of 2024

As businesses continue to embrace the transformative power of AI, the incorporation of confidential computing is an imperative step for the safe development of this new reality, as stated in the most recent Executive Order from the Biden Administration regarding AI use and development. Confidential computing privacy properties allow for free data sharing and collaboration without restrictions. By removing critical barriers to adoption, Anjuna Seaglass ensures that organizations can streamline adoption of trusted and secure emerging AI and innovate with no bounds.

Portal Enhances Security and Speed to Blockchain Infrastructure
In a landmark collaboration, Portal and Anjuna celebrate a significant milestone in the realm of Blockchain infrastructure and Confidential Computing. Raj Parekh, Co-founder and CEO of Portal, said, “Confidential Computing offers us the level of security that we require for our sensitive workloads. But the ability to transition into production in such a short period of time is a testament to the strength and reliability of Anjuna’s implementation and technology.” A major business benefit of Anjuna Seaglass for Portal is the ability to deploy enclaves quickly and efficiently to meet their timelines. Raj Parekh added, “Anjuna’s seamless attestation with AWS KMS has not only enhanced our security, but also helped us optimize our processes, enabling critical operations to be executed in milliseconds – hugely important for our market-leading customer digital wallet experience, where time is of the essence. We’re excited to continue to build more of our infrastructure with secure enclaves in the future.”

30-day Free Trial
Anjuna Seaglass is available now with a 30-day free trial to provide businesses the opportunity to experience the power and flexibility of this Universal Confidential Computing Platform. This trial represents Anjuna’s ongoing commitment to fostering the adoption of confidential computing.

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