Antidote announced partnership with SEQSTER

Delivering Patient Matching, Real-Time Data Access, and Diversity in Clinical Research for Pharma and Life Science Companies

SEQSTER PDM Inc. (“SEQSTER”), the leading patient-centric healthcare technology company, and Antidote Technologies (“Antidote”), a digital health company that focuses on patient engagement to accelerate recruitment for clinical trials, today announced a partnership to enhance patient identification, improving trial timelines and enrollment outcomes for Pharma and Life Science companies with their fully integrated end-to-end solution.

By leveraging the SEQSTER Operating System, Antidote can more accurately match patients to clinical trials based on a 360° view of their medical history, genomic data, and lifestyle factors. Pairing this solution with Antidote’s best-in-class screening and patient support services enables the acceleration of recruitment with better quality patients and provides those patients with a more accurate match for potential clinical trials that they may qualify for.

“By integrating SEQSTER’s Operating System with Antidote’s precision recruitment capabilities, we are creating a powerful synergy that addresses one of the most pressing challenges in clinical research today: clinical trial recruitment plus engagement. This partnership empowers us to accelerate patient recruitment while providing a comprehensive, real-time view of study participant health data, accelerating the path to medical breakthroughs,” stated Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co-Founder of SEQSTER.

“Our mission at Antidote has always been to connect the right patients with the right trials, striking a balance between advanced technology and a personal touch. Partnering with SEQSTER allows us to enhance our precision recruitment process with unparalleled data integration capabilities, ensuring that we can more effectively identify suitable participants and reduce the time it takes to bring new treatments to market. Together with SEQSTER, we will transform the clinical trial landscape, making it more efficient, inclusive, and patient-centered,” explained Samantha Veeck, Co-CEO of Antidote.

With SEQSTER’s comprehensive data integration capabilities and Antidote’s extensive partner network and robust contact center for patient support, this partnership fosters diversity in drug development, a growing priority for the FDA. Underserved populations often face barriers to participation in clinical trials, such as lack of access to information and logistical challenges.By providing access to patient medical records, the collaboration ensures better representation of underserved populations in clinical trials. This not only meets new FDA diversity requirements but also improves the generalizability of research findings and addresses healthcare disparities. The integration of SEQSTER’s and Antidote’s technologies streamlines the patient enrollment process, reducing the time it takes to start trials, which is particularly beneficial for urgent clinical studies. Furthermore, Antidote’s focus on personalized patient and site services, combined with SEQSTER’s technology, enhances patient engagement, leading to better adherence to trial protocols and more accurate data collection.

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