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ANZCO Foods chooses Austin Data Labs as their Innovation Partner

Continuing over a decade of innovation, ANZCO Foods is embedding data science at the center of their lamb and beef supply chain

ANZCO Foods and Austin Data Labs have partnered to embed data science within ANZCO’s lamb and beef supply chain. ANZCO has been on a decade-plus journey to bring data science into their decision-making process and modernize their IT infrastructure. Austin Data Labs was selected as their partner given their industry knowledge and ability to solve the complex problems facing the volatile meat industry with efficiency and precision.

“At ANZCO, we are dedicated to providing nutrition from New Zealand’s finest lamb and beef to our customers in a sustainable and high-quality manner. One key element of that is ensuring our production plan is optimized to produce the right products and minimize waste. With Austin Data Labs we completed the first step in optimizing our supply chain and delivered value to the business in just 4 months.” – Jason Buschl, Head of Planning, ANZCO Foods

A key element of the project’s success involved the hands-on participation of the entire team at ANZCO. They understood where the challenges might arise with an optimization project and had a clear understanding of where help was needed. Utilizing Austin Data Labs’ software, ANZCO was able to roll out a production optimization system as a first step in their broader S&OP vision. Being a high-quality provider of beef and lamb in New Zealand requires the ability to plan the meat supply chain from farm to table. To do so, ANZCO must forecast both the supply of livestock and the needs of the customer, then find the best plan that matches the two needs.

ANZCO is the perfect innovation partner for Austin Data Labs. They have a clear vision of what is required to manage their supply chain and know that data science is required to solve their key challenges. Working together, we have developed a roadmap that will deliver benefits to the business in manageable segments and have successfully delivered on the first component.” – Simon Drake, CEO, Austin Data Labs

Austin Data Labs provides ANZCO an established data science SaaS platform with easily customizable machine learning modules. With a platform that can scale with the needs of the customer, Austin Data Labs can create a road map to deliver an end-to-end supply chain optimization in bite-sized chunks. In this case the first step was to create an optimized production plan that matched near-term demand with livestock availability. Austin Data Labs builds their products with a customer-first mindset, providing software for industries where the team has deep real-world expertise. This eliminates months of implementation delays caused when software isn’t built with the customer in mind first.

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