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ApolloMD Partners with Adonis

Top clinical outsourcing services organization seeks to innovate revenue cycle management on behalf of hospital clients, partners, physicians, and APCs.

Adonis, a leading Revenue Intelligence and Automation platform, today announces its partnership with ApolloMD, one of the most successful firms in the clinical outsourcing services industry, treating millions of patients each year in hospitals and health systems across the country.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ApolloMD to bring the experience and expertise of Adonis to enable data-driven decision making across the revenue cycle of their partner physician groups,” said Akash Magoon, CEO and Co-Founder, Adonis. “With Adonis’s connected data and machine-learning at the foundation of ApolloMD’s operations, we’re dedicated to being a driving force in helping them in their commitment to improving financial metrics for their providers.”

In collaboration with Adonis, ApolloMD is eager to build operational strength in responding to the increasing velocity of changes associated with new payer adjudication rules and insurer contract relationships. These conditions have made it challenging to submit claims without significant denials, overhead and prevention of chronic underpayments. The partnership forges a path to stabilizing revenue collection, automating revenue collection opportunities, reducing administrative burden, and eliminating preventable insurance denials at scale.

“In today’s challenging healthcare environment, the need to maintain viability to our hospital-based physician groups is critical,” explained Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer, ApolloMD. “We need to be able to recognize and respond quickly and appropriately to the issues surrounding each mechanism of the denials by the insurers and the only way to accomplish this timely is in conjunction with a smart, automated platform. We are excited to work with Adonis who is tailoring a platform to our specialty specific needs.”

Powered by data science and AI technology, Adonis is a Revenue Intelligence and Automation platform that addresses some of the most common issues and areas of susceptibility within RCM to create better, more reliable revenue outcomes.

“The key to unlocking revenue potential for healthcare organizations lives in the troves of data that are generated every day, Adonis specializes in harvesting these assets into actionable intelligence,” said Aman Magoon, CPO and Co-Founder, Adonis.

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