Apple Intelligence Fast Tracks AI Trust Among Business Leaders

  • New survey of 150 C-level business leaders reveals key insights into AI trust levels 
  • Apple’s foray into generative AI sees 54% of executives more comfortable using AI
  • With 55% planning to adopt it more regularly this year
  • 42% trust Apple Intelligence more than OpenAI – while 36% trust both generative AI platforms equally

Amid ongoing fanfare surrounding Apple’s bold foray into the generative AI realm, new global research by enterprise tech Storyblok reveals Apple Intelligence could win the market on AI trust among business leaders.

According to Storyblok’s recent survey of 150 C-Suite level business leaders, Apple’s significant entry into generative AI makes 54% of executives more comfortable with using AI. Of these, 23% say Apple Intelligence’s imminent arrival makes them feel much more comfortable using AI.

Indicative of the launch’s scope for instilling greater AI trust, 55% of business leaders also say they plan to use generative AI more regularly in their business during the rest of the year. Of these, over a quarter (26%) say they plan to use it much more regularly.

This enthusiasm is already impacting purchasing decisions. Only 20% say generative AI features aren’t important when deciding on new software purchases. 45% say they’re a very important part of their evaluation.

However, despite Apple’s reputation for being a privacy-first company, it appears not all business leaders are convinced yet that Apple has made big advancements over OpenAI to solve AI’s privacy problem. Although 42% trust Apple Intelligence more than Open AI, 39% trust Apple Intelligence and OpenAI equally and 20% have less trust in Apple Intelligence.

Dominik Angerer, CEO and Co-Founder of Storyblok, said: “While use of generative AI continues to grow, our research shows that even Apple can’t escape concerns over privacy. But as Apple’s massive customer base becomes used to seeing AI as part of their devices and digital experiences, they’ll expect to see it everywhere else, too. This will only build more trust in AI and create more demand for AI-powered experiences among businesses and consumers.

“Apple’s approach to sprinkling AI throughout the user experience instead of only making it a standalone feature matches how we feel AI should also be deployed throughout the entire content lifecycle.”

Full survey data: 

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