Apple’s shift from EVs to AI sparks influencers diverse reactions

With reports emerging on Apple’s plans to shelve its electric vehicle (EV) project, a subsequent rise in discussions related to “Apple” among the influencers on “X” platform has been witnessed in the last week of February, according to the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Influencers express mixed sentiments on Apple’s EV project cancellation, with some viewing it as a wise reallocation of its focus towards artificial intelligence (AI), while others see it as an admission of Apple’s challenges in a market where Tesla reigns supreme. Though the move is expected to impact employees and bring about a change in industry dynamics, there is speculation that Apple may still impact the automotive sector through software and services rather than manufacturing.”

Below are a few popular influencer opinions captured by GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

1. Prakash Sangam, Founder of Tantra Analyst:

“I have lost the count of how many times we have heard about #AppleCar project starting, halting & closing. Hope this is the last. Another reason for @Apple choosing to shutter the project is #ElectricVehicles losing sheen & revival of interest in #Hybrid & ICE cars… where $aapl will find it hard to differentiate…”

2. Gary Kaltbaum, Fox News Business Contributor:

“Apple falls in line! $AAPL just popped  because this just came out: “Apple cancelling efforts to build electric car and will focus on generative artificial intelligence.” Didnt they just say they were all in with the cars? Price even moves Tim Cook. #markets #easymoney #AI”

3. Sarbjeet Johal, Technology Analyst and GTM Strategist:

“Big New in Tech: @Apple  car project canceled. Perhaps it’s a sigh of relief for @Tesla  and many other automakers. IMO Apple should buy @Ford and revamp it!”

4. John Voelcker, Contributing Editor at Car and Driver Magazine:

“Apple Inc will cancel its decade-long effort to build an #EV, abandoning one of the most ambitious projects in its history. The company disclosed the decision today, surprising nearly 2,000 employees working on the project. Hot Take: It NEVER made sense.”

5. Rahul, Individual Analyst:

“$AAPL finally giving up on its EV efforts is only a further testament to what @elonmusk built against all odds. Doubt we will see any pro $TSLA articles even after one of the best tech companies ever admitted it can’t compete.”

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