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Applitools Visual AI Enables Thunderhead to Deliver Flawless UX Faster

Applitools, provider of a next generation test automation through Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Cloud, announces how its Visual AI technology helps Thunderhead create a visually perfect experience in its ONE Engagement Hub. Thunderhead offers its AI-driven ONE Platform, a transformational technology for customer engagement and the recognised global leader in the Customer Journey Orchestration and Analytics market. The ONE Engagement Hub helps global brands build customer engagement in the era of digital transformation.

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Understanding the customer journey is vital to success, but is incredibly complex and challenging to manage. From window shoppers to mobile browsers, there are dozens or more customer touchpoints that can accumulate, and any one of these touchpoints is an opportunity to convert a prospect. This is where Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub provides users with the insight and context into customer behavior that businesses need to thrive. It is critical that Thunderhead continuously delivers a flawless experience to its users so that they never miss an opportunity to convert.

“Applitools gives our entire team huge peace-of-mind,” said Walt Harris, head of quality at Thunderhead. “We know about the visual impact of our code. Using Applitools makes us more nimble and lets us develop more quickly.”

Before Applitools, the engineering team at Thunderhead wrote Selenium tests to validate both UI behavior and end-to-end functionality. They had no automation for the visual components of these tests. Small changes to UI code would require significant rewrites in order for tests to pass, and many of these changes to internal element locators had no visual impact.

By inspecting visual elements, Applitools Visual AI detects actual bugs, ignoring minor visual variances. Making  Applitools much more accurate across browser and operating system changes without time consuming false positives. After implementing Applitools, Thunderhead discovered an ease of test development they had not previously experienced. The code used to validate the content on screen was replaced by a simple call to Applitools, which captured the entire screen and compared it with the last approved version. Via AI, the meaningful differences were highlighted so engineers could easily fix or approve.

Thunderhead realized the following outcomes: 

  • Faster builds with test execution times down 48x – from four hours to five minutes using the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud
  • Saves time with less code to write & maintain
  • Increases in developer productivity by testing earlier, eliminating time consuming context-switching
  • Peace of mind with massive increases to test coverage
  • Faster time to market by enabling developers to focus time on creating more features and delivering more value to their users

“We are pleased to see the incredible impact Applitools is having on Thunderhead and its software development team,” said Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO at Applitools. “Thunderhead’s ability to deliver flawless experiences to their users is paramount to the success of hundreds of global companies. We’re proud to help them along their journey and look forward to creating more ways for the Thunderhead engineering team to deliver new and improved features to their customers.”

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