Arcadia announced the launch of data platform

Next-generation data platform powered by lakehouse architecture augments Arcadia’s population health and value-based care capabilities

Arcadia (, a healthcare technology company that provides a leading data platform to providers and payers, unveiled today its next-generation data platform powered by an open lakehouse architecture to enhance healthcare organizations’ abilities to harness big data. With speed and agility improvements that are nearly double that of its predecessor, Arcadia’s data platform enables healthcare organizations to accelerate digital transformation and more rapidly adopt generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Arcadia’s next-generation data platform is generally available and has been deployed to more than 15 customers, including Umpqua Health. This coordinated care organization in southern Oregon unlocked the ability to refresh data daily in mere minutes. Such performance enables users to more rapidly activate data to accelerate speed to insight and boost confidence that the most accurate and up-to-date information is being used to inform decisions.

“At Umpqua Health, data is the cornerstone of our operational strategy,” said Juliana Landry, MPH, Vice President of Health Systems Performance. “Our focus on enhancing performance ensures the rapid delivery of updated data to our care teams, significantly improving our processes. From optimizing member outreach opportunities to accelerating care program enrollments and improving care coordination efficiency, this rapid data refresh means fresher insights and more informed decision-making across the enterprise and improves our ability to deliver better outcomes.”

Arcadia’s data platform combines elements of data lakes and data warehouses and uses cloud-native technologies like those powering global consumer applications ranging from banking and transportation to streaming entertainment. The advanced technical architecture offers the vast, scalable storage and flexibility of a data lake for raw, unstructured, and semi-structured data, while also providing the data management and structured querying capabilities of a data warehouse. This hybrid approach allows for efficient, scalable, and flexible data storage, management, and analysis, making it suitable for diverse data types and a wide range of analytics and AI applications.

Benefits of Arcadia’s lakehouse-powered data platform include:

  • Speed to Insight: Turbocharged data acquisition via thousands of out-of-the-box adapters, including built-in FHIR connectivity to the top 10 electronic health record (EHR) systems. A zero-copy architecture delivers low latency and minimal orchestration downtime, meaning data is available to use in hours, not days, weeks, or months.
  • AI Enablement: An ecosystem of more than 100 AI models supports various media types, including text, images, video, and audio. A development factory enables users to build and run self-service applications to accelerate the use of AI.
  • Integrated Accelerators: A library of hundreds of ready-to-use data models, analytics engines, and reporting content augment a marketplace of turnkey enablement tools and services. Participants—including Atropos Health, CareJourney, and HealthHelper—span data and analytics enrichment to care coordination, enabling customers to extend the use of their datasets to further improve care delivery and financial performance.
  • Data Diversity: Support for media and data types beyond traditional clinical and claims sources to enhance population health management. A tiered (medallion) grading system enables raw, unstructured, and enriched information to coexist.
  • Scalable Ecosystem: A horizontally scalable and highly flexible ecosystem supports high concurrency processing of petabytes of data daily with a 50%+ reduction in total cost of ownership compared to traditional data warehouses.1
  • Connectivity and Real-Time Processing: Bidirectional connectivity—including event streams, cloud-to-cloud mirroring, and large batch processing—facilitates the activation of information in real-time while mitigating costly extract, transform, and load (ETL) activities.

“Arcadia’s data platform seamlessly integrates diverse healthcare information quickly and at scale to enhance decision-making, reduce cognitive load, and drive efficiency for end users ranging from clinical to analytical,” said Nick Stepro, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Arcadia. “Additionally, investing in Arcadia’s powerful platform accelerates digital transformation by making it faster and easier to adopt the latest technology and deliver it to the healthcare workforce.”

Technical leaders can use Arcadia’s lakehouse-powered data platform to simplify their architecture and deliver an infrastructure that efficiently democratizes access to information at enterprise scale. The lakehouse also offers tools to manage complex ecosystems, including:

  • Configurable Access: Enable broader enterprise use cases of data and optimize third-party interactions through an array of access layers, including APIs and web integrated development environments (IDEs).
  • Self-Service Administration: Efficiently configure and manage data and infrastructure with modules to monitor and control job orchestration and the flow and telemetry of data.
  • Governance and Security: Reduce complexity when provisioning users and democratizing access to information with pre-established governance formats and granular row-level permission controls.
  • Complement Existing Infrastructure: The latest cloud-native technology supports major public cloud environments to enrich strategic investments in technical ecosystems and enable platform consolidation.

“We injected strategic capital into our business in 2023 to accelerate platform innovation and enhance our ability to help healthcare customers effectively leverage data to improve value-based care delivery,” said Michael Meucci, President and CEO of Arcadia. “This investment is more than a financial commitment; it’s a cornerstone of Arcadia’s future growth and integral to our mission of transforming healthcare through data-driven insights.”

In addition to powering a robust and flexible platform that safely stores, enriches, and distributes healthcare data, the lakehouse architecture accelerates Arcadia’s product innovation roadmap, including a marketplace of enablers that improve workflows and support value-based performance. Pairing healthcare solutions and services with aggregated patient data yields a synergistic ecosystem that augments one another to drive innovation across the care continuum on one platform. Additionally, the lakehouse architecture augments Arcadia’s population health capabilities and opens use of the platform to broader analytics, data science, and research stakeholders. Learn more about Arcadia’s data platform and schedule a demo.

Those attending the HIMSS Global Conference March 11-15 in Orlando can visit Arcadia at booth number #3345 to learn how the right data infrastructure leads the way for healthcare innovation. View a schedule of Arcadia’s events at HIMSS24.

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