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Arcadia launched Point of Care Generative AI Assistant

Company shares roadmap to accelerate insights and actions derived from data using its platform and AI

Arcadia (, the leading data analytics platform for healthcare, announced the launch of a generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that acts as a co-pilot at the point of care to generate insights and actions from data. Large language models (LLMs) powered by OpenAI comb through aggregated, longitudinal patient records curated within Arcadia’s data platform to reduce time and effort required to improve risk factor documentation, surface patterns in healthcare utilization, develop care plans, and more.

The assistant offers a menu of turnkey use cases that deliver insights within existing care team workflows. Additional benefits include the ability to quickly analyze the combination of thousands of pieces of data to find “needle in the haystack” insights, like an undocumented medical condition.

“Our data show care managers spend up to nine minutes per patient gathering and interpreting information from dense and complex medical records that can exceed thousands of characters of text,” said Kate Behan, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at Arcadia. “By leveraging technology to do the heavy lifting, we believe we can save care managers as much as five minutes of work per patient. That equates to a productivity boost of roughly 50%, meaning care managers gain more time to focus on higher-value work while alleviating burnout.”

The AI assistant plugs in to Arcadia’s data platform to generate and provide patient summaries to members of the care team, such as a nurse, to improve care coordination. Care teams can also use the assistant to improve patient communication by translating dense instructions into simpler terms that are easier for patients to understand and follow.

Recent market insights from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and Arcadia found nearly 30% of healthcare leaders have already implemented AI, with roughly 60% planning to implement such technology in the next 12-24 months or more.In response to industry demand, Arcadia is delivering AI-powered solutions that reduce the learning and adoption curve of transformative technology.

“The healthcare industry continues to embrace technology to reimagine how care is delivered and support the workforce with tools that maximize their abilities,” said Nick Stepro, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Arcadia. “For years, Arcadia has used AI to meticulously aggregate and cleanse healthcare data to create a high-quality and accurate data asset, power proprietary risk adjustment algorithms, and automate care management workflows. Now, we’re taking that a step further by enabling customers to harness the power of AI to effectively utilize data at a scale and pace that maximizes its value.”

Arcadia plans to deploy additional AI capabilities, including broadening support for unstructured media and data types and a development factory where users can leverage Arcadia’s data platform to build and run self-service AI applications. The company also plans to support an ecosystem of multi-modal generative models.

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