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Ardalyst Moving Small Businesses Across Cybersecurity Poverty Line

Many small and mid-sized businesses struggle to budget for a cybersecurity program that keeps their data safe. The tools are too expensive or require prohibitively large purchase quantities. The expertise to install and use those tools can also be out of reach for many. Industry experts refer to this situation as the “Cybersecurity Poverty Line.”

Meanwhile, companies are getting squeezed from all directions. Threat actors are getting smarter all the time. Customers are demanding more integrated, more convenient, and more optimized digital experiences. Procurement offices are expecting suppliers to improve their cybersecurity posture by imposing compliance requirements on their supply chains.

Those who find themselves below the Cybersecurity Poverty Line are often left with inadequate protection which puts both their business and our nation at risk.

To respond, Ardalyst is drawing the “Cybersecurity Affordability Line.” Our goal is to provide an integrated risk management program that helps organizations continuously improve their cybersecurity posture and meet their compliance requirements. We are starting with our nation’s Defense Industrial Base (DIB), of which 85% are small, innovative businesses of 250 employees or less that provide critical services to the nation’s defense. Our solution is Tesseract™.

Tesseract is cybersecurity compliance solution for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors that is comprehensive, cost-effective and can be tailored to match any company’s business strategy, while meeting regulatory requirements embedded in CMMC, NIST standards, and FAR and DFARS rules. The program is built upon Microsoft’s Sovereign Cloud, also known as “GCC High,” which provides integrated security options that meet DoD requirements while being priced within reach of small and mid-sized companies. Today, businesses as small as 5 employees and as large as several hundred employees leverage Tesseract and Microsoft GCC-High to meet their cyber needs.

Our “Across the Line” pledge looks to create opportunities for organizations of all sizes by committing to the development of quality products and services at prices that will not force you to choose between comprehensive cybersecurity and your budget. As part of our commitment to this pledge, Ardalyst provides options for monthly financing and discounts up to 15% for services and GCC High.

Whatever your next step is, Ardalyst is ready to help. If you want to move your business Across the Line, please visit to learn more about Ardalyst and Tesseract. Ardalyst…we replace uncertainty with understanding.

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