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Arize AI Partners with Spell to Bring ML Observability

Arize AI

Arize AI, the leading Machine Learning (ML) Observability company, and Spell, a powerful ML Ops platform, announce a partnership giving Spell customers access to Arize AI’s model observability capabilities. Spell users will be able to monitor, trouble shoot, and explain production issues in real time with Arize AI’s best-in-class platform.

With a simple integration, Spell customers will be able to monitor data drift, model drift, and model performance issues ensuring their models work as expected in production.                                

Why Observability

The vast difference between research environments and production can cause large issues for models deployed in the real world. The inputs models see, the degradation over time, and the performance problems that arise, can be painful to troubleshoot. ML observability helps teams easily transition from research to production – maintaining the results delivered, and helping teams troubleshoot problems quickly – without eating up Data Science cycles. The ability to explain, understand and get answers quickly builds a necessary trust between research teams and end users.

Spell & Arize Integration

Spell model servers and Arize model monitors allow Spell users to have the best of both best-of-breed platforms: easy-to-use autoscaling online model APIs, powerful model tracking, and logging features are to name a few key features of this partnership.

If you already are using the Spell platform, the integration with Arize AI is simple! In this detailed blog post, Arize and Spell showcase deploying amodel on the Spell platform with the monitoring, troubleshooting, and explainability capabilities of Arize AI.

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