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ArmorCode Unlocks AI-Powered ASPM Correlation

RSA CONFERENCE – ArmorCode AI Correlation brings data fusion to the industry’s leading ASPM platform, marking a significant step forward for enterprise security governance

RSA CONFERENCE – ArmorCode, the leading provider of AI-powered Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) for managing risk across applications, infrastructure, and the software supply chain, today announced the general availability of AI Correlation in the ArmorCode ASPM Platform. ArmorCode is ushering in a new era of innovation by leveraging data fusion to deliver a level of correlation that’s never been seen before, powered by its unmatched volume, variety and validation of data sources.

Built on the industry’s most vendor-inclusive, enterprise-grade ASPM platform, ArmorCode AI Correlation is powered by the collective intelligence gained from deep analysis of over six billion processed findings and experiences of the thousands of security professionals from dozens of Fortune 1000 organizations and others that use the platform. Over 230 security scanner and developer system integrations, supporting over 75,000 developers, across millions of workflow permutations, make ArmorCode the only solution capable of delivering unified governance across every aspect of application development today and tomorrow. AI Correlation is one pillar of an AI-powered ASPM that leverages AI across correlation, prioritization, and remediation to drive risk reduction for every enterprise.

“AI is adding gas to the fire of an already dramatic shift in software delivery, driven by open source, cloud computing, and digital transformation,” said Nikhil Gupta, CEO and Founder of ArmorCode. “This in turn is increasing risk exponentially, and necessitates a new model of software security. ArmorCode is the partner of choice for companies embracing an ASPM model that addresses today’s risks and the coming challenges associated with adopting AI. With the launch of AI Correlation, we are empowering security teams to keep pace with AI advancements while addressing their most critical risks – with speed and at enterprise scale.”

ArmorCode AI Correlation leverages data fusion to enable security teams to identify and correlate high-signal findings across scanning tools in never before possible ways, bringing code and runtime analysis together through machine learning and natural language processing.

  • For pre-production scanners on the left like SAST, ArmorCode provides a strong signal that they have identified a real issue through correlation with scanners on the right.
  • For runtime scanners on the right like DAST, ArmorCode shows security teams the root cause of issues through correlation with scanners on the left, helping them identify the source code and development owner much faster.
  • For new AI-focused security scanners, ArmorCode helps organizations future proof and embrace AI by correlating AI-scanner findings with scanned findings across the organization.

“One of the challenges my team faces is the large number of duplicate findings across different scanners. For example, the same SQL Injection vulnerability may be reported by SAST and DAST scanners, which may result in duplicate work being passed on to developers,” said Renan Dias, Engineering Manager, Security Engineering at VTS. “With the advent of new AI capabilities, there’s a big potential in leveraging AI to correlate vulnerability findings to reduce duplication of work, and that’s exactly what my team is exploring with ArmorCode’s new AI Correlation capabilities. We believe AI can solve many of the long-standing problems in AppSec and we’re excited to expand on our adoption of ArmorCode to explore their AI offerings.”

Today, ArmorCode AI Correlation is being leveraged by enterprises across the globe, enabling security teams to:

  • Focus on what matters most. They are maximizing their ROI by quickly seeing which findings will have the greatest impact on reducing security tech debt through correlation.
  • Get the job done quicker. They are cutting out the noise, getting to the root of vulnerabilities, and routing issues to the right developer faster so they can reduce MTTR and accelerate remediation.
  • Reduce waste. They are optimizing their toolchain and maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their scanners, reducing wasted time spent sifting through scan results by hand.

ArmorCode has also been honored at RSA Conference in this year’s Global Infosec Awards in the Next Gen category by Cyber Defense Magazine for its continued advancements in innovating and defining the coming generation of ASPM with AI Correlation.

ArmorCode will be at South Expo booth #249 at RSA Conference 2024 offering private meetings and live demos on AI Correlation and its AI-powered ASPM Platform.

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