ARNOUSE DIGITAL DEVICES Corp Announces Latest Disruptive Innovation

MDC-C5i, a Data Center in a Carrying Case, Offers Full Range of Communications Options including 4G and 5G LTE

ARNOUSE DIGITAL DEVICES Corp. (ADDC), a leader in micro form-factor computing, is excited to announce a new addition to its Mobyl Data Center product line. The new MDC-C5i is a lightweight (less than 35 lbs.), portable, secure command, control, communications, cyber and computing solution which accommodates up to 10 Arnouse BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ server cards and 10TB of total storage and can accommodate numerous communications options, including 4G/5G LTE, Wi-Fi. Cards may be hot swapped to enable easy scaling up or down, depending on the application. Like all ADDC products, the MDC-C5i is proudly manufactured in the USA.

The MDC-C5i includes multiple options for connectivity including Wi-Fi, 4/5G LTE, and Satellite/VSAT. In addition, a company can have its own private wireless phone and data system, able to run connected or disconnected from the grid. Each unit has 2×10 Gb SFP+, 1×1 Gb SWMGT, 1×1 Gb AUX, 10/100 PWR MGT, 8×1 GB POE. Operator interface 15.6-inch touch screen display TFT LCD / 1920 x 1080 resolution. 

ADDC’s MDC-C5i is housed in a rugged Pelican 1550 case (20.7″ x 17.2″ x 8.4″). Power by either 120 VAC/240 VAC or 12-14 VDC. With 10 server cards running, the environmentally friendly MDC-C5i operates at less than 250 watts.  

“It’s been over seven years since we launched the first Mobyl Data Center device, which was designed based on a request from the Department of Defense,” said Michael Arnouse, Founder and President of Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. “Built with cutting-edge communications and computing technology, the new MDC-C5i is an excellent solution for any government or organization that needs operational mobility in challenging environments.”

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