Artificial Intelligence Company Pinscreen Announces New Hiring

Pinscreen develops the world’s most advanced and photorealistic AI-driven virtual avatars. They provide the full solution for human-like virtual assistants as well as virtual avatar creation and performance capture. Pinscreen is focused on pushing the boundaries of AI to made the creation of photoreal digital avatars accessible to anyone for a wide range of applications, such as virtual reality, gaming, e-commerce, and film production. Pinscreen was founded by MIT 35 Under 35 Winner and ONR Young Investigator Award winner Hao Li. Pinscreen has recently won the prestigious Epic MegaGrants, and has been selected as one of the best Los Angeles companies and startups in 2021 by, as well as top 10 virtual reality company in Los Angeles in 2021 by Welp Magazine.

Deng will play a key part in digital human, R&D, and virtual production projects for Pinscreen, including:

AI Generated Digital Humans for Visual Effects in Blockbuster movies: Deng will develop high-fidelity 3D digital assets for the integration with machine learning pipelines for next generation visual effects. Pinscreen’s customers include Netflix, Adapt Entertainment, and Amazon studios, which are exploring the use of cutting edge AI for the creation of photorealistic humans in high-end movie production. Novel effects, include language translation of foreign films, as well as photorealistic face replacement of stunt actors with celebrities.

Photoreal AI-Generated Avatars for Virtual Assistants and Immersive Telecommunication System: Deng will develop 3D avatar assets for Pinscreen’s proprietary AI-based human digitization system as well as neural face rendering solution paGAN to improve the realism of next generation immersive telecommunication systems. Pinscreen’s customers include NTT Docomo, and Yahoo! Japan.

Stylized Avatar Digitization Technology for Expo 2020 (October 2021): In collaboration with Magnopus, Pinscreen is launching a cutting-edge Stylized Avatar solution for this year’s World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The international exhibition will take for the first time a hybrid virtual and physical form and combine AR/VR technologies to connect participants. Deng will play a key role in developing high-quality “Disney”-like avatars that can be generated automatically from a photo using Pinscreen’s new machine learning technology.

Deng’s unique skills include his 3D modeling and simulation skills for real-time digital humans and hair, as well as his in-depth knowledge in Unreal Engine and the integration of 3D assets with complex real-time graphics environments.

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