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AskSid – equipped with VA to enhance customer experience

With AskSid’s direct e-commerce integration with the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, retail and CPG brands globally can go live and start supporting customers in just 4 weeks

With 1.75 million merchants and 1.59 million live websites using Shopify as an e-commerce platform, it is the preferred choice for businesses across 175 countries.

As a digital shopping assistant, AskSid offers retail and CPG brands out-of-the-box e-commerce connectors that act as a data bridge to assimilate relevant information in AskSid’s AI models. This integration interacts seamlessly with Shopify’s APIs, allowing AskSid to build and deliver a multi-channel Natural Language engagement experience that spans product discovery, expert guidance on individual products, buying experience including payments, and post-sale support like order tracking within the digital assistant. Not only does this directly impact the quality of online shopping experiences on offer, but it also makes a host of Shopify’s value propositions easily available to retailers. 

AskSid’s in-house Shopify expertise supports rapid execution of enhancements and customizations, with minimal time and effort dependency on retailers, as little as 3-4 hours a week during the 4-week onboarding process. This is a massive game-changer in the conversational AI space, as time and effort involved are usually hurdles brands seek to avoid. Shopify offers simple and complete APIs, fast response times, advance notice on enhancements, and a large support community, which are some of the reasons it is so popular within the global digital community.

Dinesh Sharma, CTO & Co-founder at AskSid, says, “With AskSid’s Shopify integration, retailers enjoy business benefits including a ‘build once and run on any channel’ digital shopping assistant which enables the creation of new and innovative sales channels, automated cataloging, price and promotions based adjustments with AskSid’s product-catalog syncing mechanism, automated product tag generation, Q&A generation, and intents training on Shopify data, order tracking, and a transparent view of how many orders were influenced by AskSid’s digital shopping assistant.”

Backed by its direct and deep integration with Shopify, AskSid has successfully launched its digital shopping assistant for 2 global retailers in 5 countries across 3 continents, including the USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, and India, serving their customers across multiple channels like webshops, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., and averaging an impressive influenced order rate of 9%.

Customers globally can now shop on any brand channel, and experience the same level of customer support, and experience the end-to-end shopping journey from product discovery, selection, checkout, payments, and post-sale support, within one digital shopping assistant, thanks to AskSid’s integration with Shopify. 

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