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AtScale Expands Advanced Business Modeling Capabilities

AtScale, a leading software provider for advanced enterprise analytics, today announced the final major release of their 2020.x code line, AtScale 2020.5. This latest release focuses on AtScale’s core Cloud OLAP capabilities for enterprise Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

As organizations continue to move their enterprise data into cloud data warehouses and as data generation and consumption from multiple sources continues to explode, the ability to provide access to data for sophisticated modeling is critical. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP capabilities make data accessible and readily available for mission-critical AI and BI workloads.

“AtScale 2020.5 is a game changer for our customers and the enterprise,” said Christopher Lynch, Executive Chairman and CEO of AtScale. “Now more than ever, companies are speaking to the needs of their data analysts. With our latest release, our Cloud OLAP capabilities make data accessible and analysis-ready, expanding support for running analytics in the cloud and making modern BI scalable.”

Key features of the AtScale 2020.5 platform release include:

  • Cube Matrix View – Sophisticated modeling and business logic capabilities have enabled our customers to build large scale mission critical models. The new Matrix View makes consuming and editing these sophisticated cubes a much cleaner experience. You can toggle between our traditional canvas view to the new matrix view on-demand.
  • Increased Cloud OLAP Sophistication – Building upon advances in earlier releases, current enhancements enable business logic when measuring KPIs in relation to higher entities (e.g. percent of total, staff to supervisor ratios, etc).
  • Expanded Support for Popular BI tools on the Cloud – AtScale has revolutionized how leading BI tools are meeting the needs of data analysts. AtScale 2020.5 is certified with Tableau 2020.3 and offers improved behavior with Microsoft Excel Top-N filtering. New features help business users analyze data on the cloud.
  • Streaming Aggregate Movement – Locality of Acceleration Structures via the Preferred Aggregate Store is improved by the introduction of streaming aggregate movement. Consumers of AtScale Virtual Cubes will benefit from the seamless optimization of the AtScale acceleration layer while leveraging hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Cloud Data Platform Distribution and Clustering Support – Focusing on the end-user’s experience through our virtual cubes, AtScale double downs on our expertise of cloud data platforms by adding native distribution and clustering options available on those platforms.
  • Okta GA – As our cloud native partner ecosystem grows Okta stands out as a leader in the Cloud IAM space. AtScale 2020.5 now offers native API integration to Okta in addition to the existing LDAPS integration.

For more information:
Read the white paper OLAP in the Cloud: Leaving SSAS for a Powerful Path Forward
Download the AtScale Overview

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