Augtera adds Generative AI recommendation to Network AI platform

New capabilities to be presented on April 19th 2023 at the MPLSSD&AINET World23 conference in Paris and are now available to current Augtera customers

Augtera Networks, the industry leader in AI/ML-powered Network Operations platforms, today announced the addition of Generative AI-driven human-like recommended remediation to its Network AI platform. This new capability enables operators to further reduce time to remediate network incidents including grey failures, unknown-unknowns, hardware failures and application performance impact that are automatically detected by Augtera.

Network operators are challenged with reactive and manual workflows to detect, isolate, mitigate and remediate network incidents.

Augtera’s Network AI platform uses log-based collective learning from across customers in production to continually improve its abilities to automate detection of network incidents in real-time and predict potential future incidents. By marrying data from collective learning at scale with Generative AI, the platform can now go a step further to offer recommended remediation in plain human language that is extremely easy for operators to understand and adopt.

Enterprise customers and network providers have dramatically reduced time to detect issues and mean-time-to-innocence across applications and networks with Augtera’s Network AI platform. They have also significantly reduced root-cause-analysis and mitigation times. Recommended remediation is the next natural evolution of the platform.

“Our customers have seen the impact of our product in large scale production environments and are increasingly trusting the actionable real-time insights provided by us. They are now asking us to recommend fixes to the issues that we surface” said Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Augtera Networks. “We are thrilled to announce that not only are we adding recommended remediation but that we are leveraging Generative AI to do it in a human-like way.”

Augtera production customers who are trialing this capability are finding it to be extremely operator friendly. To see this capability in action please visit

“As operators detect unknown unknown actionable logs via Augtera AI they label these logs. This collective learning approach across production deployments gives us an extremely relevant, highly differentiated dataset,” said Bhupesh Kothari, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering for Augtera Networks. “We are employing Generative AI and tuning the model with this actionable log data to generate the best possible recommended remediation for our customers.”

Augtera will be illustrating this capability during the talk on “AI Driven Automation of Network Operations” by Rahul Aggarwal on April 19th 2023 at the MPLSSD&AINET World23 conference in Paris.

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