Aunoa Deploys its Conversational AI Messaging Chatbots in the US

Spanish company Aunoa will start deploying its Conversational Artificial Intelligence chatbots in the United States and Latin America before the end of this year.

The company – based in Spain and invested by VC funds GoHub – allows companies or institutions to deploy an AI-powered chatbox, in a very short time, in Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, Alexa, Echo or any other messaging platform, thanks to a groundbreaking methodology and proprietary technology.

Any of Aunoa’s clients can install, seamlessly and with no need of third party integrators, its Conversational Artificial Intelligence that has been taught to simulate human interactions and can talk to hundreds of clients or citizens, in the case of governments, simultaneously. 

Through In-house technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Automatization, the system has been “taught” to simulate human interactions. 

Making tailor-made solutions with reduced implementation times, the company expects to successfully enter every single market in the region in the next 12 months.

“Our Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform will allow our clients to provide answers to their consumers in a familiar, understandable tone that is accessible to any Whatsapp user, for example. The new revolution of the relations with the clients is going to be the AI, executed in an ethical way, and with a strong technological base,” explained Fernando Pérez Borrajo, corporate director of Aunoa.

Its proprietary technology shall allow for very quick implementation times, third parties independence, flexibility, integration with every industry standard and both SaaS or on-premise operation.

The Conversational Artificial Intelligence that Aunoa offers has been developed by technologists and pioneers with over 20 years in the industry, linguists and scriptwriters. Inspired by the early writings of Nicholas Negroponte, the tech team behind the company wanted to bridge the digital divide, optimize and improve relationships between companies and customers in the most human way AI can provide. 

“The objective of Aunoa, as a Conversational Artificial Intelligence company, is to improve the daily communication between our clients and their customers through our technology. The fact that this communication becomes an efficient conversation between both parts, will make a big difference in the way of making business. We do believe in make things easier to customer and they have a great user experience,” Fernando Pérez Borrajo, CEO of Aunoa stated.

As of today, the company has operations in Spain and Latin America with over 15 customers and three regional partners. He will expand in the region by partnering up with large technology deployers.

Its projected results for 2021 are €1.5M, while it expects billings of €5 million in three years.

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