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Austin startup unveils Just-in-Time Compiler, wins TADS Award

CrowdPoint Technologies Announces ‘Quantum Leap’ in Collective Intelligence

CrowdPoint Technologies, a leader in Quantum-as-a-Service (QaaS) technology, proudly announces its collaboration with Node Nexus Network (NNN), a trailblazer in decentralized cloud computing. NNN was recently honored at the prestigious Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (TADS), for the application of CrowdPoint’s Vogon Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) in creating Collective Intelligence across edge and hybrid computing micro data centers globally.

“As the driving force behind this quantum leap in technology, our goal at CrowdPoint is to redefine the digital ecosystem by providing a secure, efficient, and universally accessible platform for Collective Intelligence,” stated Sean Brehm, Chairman and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies and Board Member of Node Nexus Network.

Brehm elaborated: “Our quantum ledger database enables the creation of individual ontologies, personal views of the world, which form the basis of your authentic experience. When these experiences are aggregated through a deterministic process, they evolve into Collective Intelligence. On a global scale, this process fosters what we term Authentic Intelligence.”

Central to this vision is the deployment of micro data centers in 16 global regions across 251 countries. These centers are more than mere data repositories; they represent the backbone of a decentralized network that empowers local communities, improves internet accessibility, and promotes sustainable growth through green energy solutions.

The TADS Awards, which honor outstanding achievements in tokenized assets and digital securities, recognized NNN’s project for its exceptional value, innovation, potential for future utility, novelty, and governance.

Brehm concluded: “Through our partnership, we’ve established a dynamic ecosystem where individuals can contribute their data, have it refined in the cloud, and transform it into a powerful economic engine: Information. This process enables free expression of information, facilitating participation in coalitions that can revolutionize supply chains, FinTech, social media, and most importantly, ensure individuals are compensated for their unique contributions.”

The DQ-LDB is powered by a polyglot micro service and Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler technology designed to collapse the web, application, and data layers into a single stratum. This is a foundational step for enhancing the efficiency, security, and scalability of QaaS.

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