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Authentic Artists Launches AI-powered Virtual Artist Platform

Authentic Artists

Creative AI company counts OVO Fund, James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, Mixi Group, Mike Shinoda, and more as investors

Authentic Artists has developed a proprietary, generative, audio-visual production platform that instantly composes and produces fully-formed, high-quality songs performed by AI-powered Virtual Artists. The platform is pushing past the boundaries of the traditional music industry, where original content is king, by creating unique, fresh, adaptive musical content at an unprecedented scale and speed.

The company aims to address both the content requirements of high growth channels and the needs of audiences whose expectations for music and entertainment have changed in the digital age. As evidenced by the enormously popular virtual concerts that took place in Fortnite and Roblox in 2020, there are now billions of gamers globally for whom the traditional lines between music and gaming are blurred, or even non-existent, and Authentic Artists offers a universe of generative music content for these game control-enabled audiences.

“Virtual entertainment is the new cultural center of gravity, and today’s digital natives want agency over their worlds. Our adaptive artists will give it to them, co-creating new shared musical experiences and making new art and culture with fans across every connected platform,” said Chris McGarry, the Founder and CEO of Authentic Artists.

“We’re very pleased to support the early growth of Authentic Artists. As technology continues to transform creativity and experiences, the opportunities for new forms of highly scalable social entertainment will be substantial. We look forward to working with this impressive team that is well positioned to lead the space,” said investor James Murdoch, the Founder & CEO of Lupa Systems.

Throughout history, new technologies have catalyzed waves of creativity. “Music today can be so much more than just an album release or a live show. The ability to interact and even collaborate with listeners in live channels offers some of the most exciting possibilities in music right now. I think Authentic Artists will play a big role evolving the relationship between music and audiences,” said recording artist Mike Shinoda, one of Authentic Artists’ investors.

The company has already prototyped 12 supernatural Virtual Artists using its unique blend of art and science. From a lo-fi loving cyborg to a high-octane, half-iguana DJ, each real-time creator transcends real-world limitations. And because each Virtual Artist is powered by Authentic Artists’ generative production platform, fans are able to give the Virtual Artists input and experience the results almost instantly for a new kind of gamified, co-creative musical experience.

“Gaming continues to evolve towards more immersive, social and creative experiences. I’m excited about Authentic Artists’ potential to spark new forms of play, expression, and community and can’t wait to see that potential become reality,” added Liz Hamren, CVP of Gaming Engineering at Microsoft.

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