Avassa announces the launch of Avassa for Industrial IoT

Avassa announces the launch of Avassa for Industrial IoT, an application management solution designed specifically for the industrial IoT vendor ecosystem. This solution represents a significant leap in the realm of innovative integrated hardware and software solutions, offering a powerful toolset for addressing current challenges in container application delivery, placement, and monitoring.

Avassa for Industrial IoT: Revolutionizing Industrial IoT Container Application Management

Industrial IoT is transforming. Software operations are moving from proprietary operating systems to Linux and fully containerized, future-proof IIoT applications. Meanwhile, there is increased market demand for both online and offline non-stop operations, as well as fast and remote support and maintenance. This requires new and high standards for delivering next-generation software-lead industrial IoT solutions.

The new Avassa for Industrial IoT solution harnesses the power of container technology to bring unparalleled efficiency, ease of use, and scalability to industrial machinery vendors. The solution builds off of the Avassa Edge Platform and is expertly crafted to meet the demands of next-generation industrial IoT launches, offering a suite of features that include:           

  • Full Application Lifecycle Management: Enables vendors to adopt a true as-a-service delivery model, managing the entire lifecycle of industrial IoT applications.           
  • Competitive Advantage and Innovation Boost: Fully remote deployments, versioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting, allowing frequent feature roll-outs and increased speed of innovation.           
  • Cost-efficient and Robust Application Operations: Full application autonomy makes operations resilient to unstable connectivity and significantly mitigates the business impact of cloud delivery disruptions.           
  • Seamless Linux and Hardware Integration: Enhances capabilities at the IoT edge, supporting OS upgrades and aligning with diverse vendor hardware solutions.           
  • Advanced Data Protection: Ensures the security of sensitive data in-flight and at rest, addressing critical Edge IoT system challenges.           
  • Expertise in Distributed Edge Computing: Offers a platform ideal for diverse industrial host deployment, backed by 24/7 expert support.

Avassa for Industrial IoT is tailored for industrial machinery vendors who offer a combination of hardware and software in their integrated solutions and seek a sophisticated tool for managing containerized applications across their customer base.

“Contrary to traditional IoT platforms, which primarily concentrate on data forwarding and connectivity, a modern platform should rather foster application-centricity at the edge. We are delighted to introduce this uniquely designed solution that directly addresses the multifaceted and sometimes complex challenges of managing container applications at the IoT Edge. With Avassa for Industrial IoT, you effectively tackle those challenges, and position your industrial IoT offering as future-proofed, secure, and robust,” says Carl Moberg, CTO and co-founder of Avassa.

Avassa for Industrial IoT embodies Avassa’s commitment to empowering industrial machinery vendors with cutting-edge technology that not only meets today’s needs but also anticipates tomorrow’s challenges with a container-native approach. For more information, or to schedule a demonstration, please visit this solutions page.

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