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Avatier Identity & Access Management for IBM i Environments

Avatier, a leading provider of identity management solutions, is proud to announce its integration with IBM Power Servers (formerly AS/400) to deliver a groundbreaking identity management experience for IBM i environments. This collaboration brings forth a new era of efficiency, security, and productivity, empowering organizations to streamline operations and optimize performance seamlessly. Avatier is announcing this at POWERUp 2024 Expo in Fort Worth, Texas this week.

Avatier’s Identity Management Platform (Avatier Identity Anywhere) is tailored to support IBM i environments, providing comprehensive solutions that simplify operations, enhance security, and boost productivity. The integration offers a range of capabilities, including self-service password reset, user and group management, and seamless integration with IBM i applications.

Avatier also offers an identity management mobile app for iOS or Android. The Avatier Identity Anywhere mobile app provides flexibility and convenience for managing identity and access management (IAM) tasks, supporting the needs of modern, mobile-first work environments.

Capabilities Tailored to Support IBM i Environments:

Comprehensive IBM i Application Profile Integration. Avatier supports IBM i app profile integration for any custom application or native application on the IBM i platform. This capability allows administrators to manage application profiles effortlessly, ensuring users have the right access to the applications they need while maintaining robust security controls.

Avatier’s Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) feature offers a secure, convenient, and efficient solution for users to enroll, reset, and regain access to their accounts. By reducing the burden on IT support teams for password-related issues, organizations can save time and resources while enhancing security.

Avatier’s Self-Service User & Group Management not only offers the ability to securely automate and streamline user and group management processes within IBM i environments but also integrates seamlessly with HR systems. This integration enables organizations to synchronize employee data effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in user provisioning and de-provisioning.

Moreover, the platform enhances user experience by incorporating a shopping cart feature for requesting access to resources. Employees can browse available applications and services, add them to their cart, and submit access requests with ease. This intuitive interface streamlines the access request process, reducing administrative burden and improving turnaround times.

To further optimize access management, Avatier’s solution includes a workflow engine with push notifications to your web browser for approving access requests. Administrators can define customized approval workflows based on organizational policies and hierarchies. This ensures that access requests undergo appropriate review and authorization, maintaining security and compliance standards.

By combining HR integration, a shopping cart for access requests, and workflow automation for access approvals, Avatier’s Self-Service User & Group Management empowers organizations to efficiently manage user access, enhance collaboration, and bolster productivity within IBM i environments.

Access Governance ensures compliance with regulatory requirements through Avatier’s access governance solutions. Organizations can maintain regulatory compliance within IBM i environments with auditing, reporting, and policy enforcement capabilities.

Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier expressed, “Our integration with IBM i & IBM Power Servers represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver innovative identity management solutions. By combining Avatier’s expertise with IBM’s powerful infrastructure, we are empowering organizations to streamline operations, enhance security, and drive productivity in their IBM i environments.”

See how Avatier delivers a secure, stress-free identity management solution tailored to your IBM i environment.

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