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Aware premiers New AwareID® Functionality and introduces Developer Hub

New Release Focuses Platform on Optimized User Experience and Superior Backend Support; Requires Little to No App-Specific Knowledge or Experience on the Part of Businesses; Company Also Announces Developer Hub Availability

The ability to easily and seamlessly tap into the power of biometrics has always been at the core of the AwareID® value proposition. Today, Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE) underscored this commitment by announcing functionality enhancements to its SaaS-based AwareID solution that make it even more versatile and reliable for businesses and their users.

“Businesses already have enough on their plates and learning to implement a new backend technology is often out of the question,” says Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni, CTO, Aware. “We recognize this reality. That’s why we’ve made AwareID so easy to use while providing rock-solid stability and iron-clad security across a wide range of backend environments. Meaning businesses can focus on what they do best.”

The newly enhanced AwareID platform offers the reliability and robustness of its core services alongside enhanced front-end document capture and processing functionality, ensuring superior ease of use for users. This combination of reliability, trustworthiness, and convenience is crucial for any authentication and document verification process.

In addition to backend support and user experience improvements, other AwareID platform updates include new mobile application frameworks (Flutter and React Native), and enhancements in document capture in native SDKs. The newly updated AwareID maintains its world-class verification capability while introducing face identification capability. Optimized for millions of online and offline operations, AwareID now provides value for use cases where businesses want to check an individual against an enrolled repository of users. A business might do this to prevent dual enrollment (for example, when users attempt to sign up a second time (or more) to get multiple sign-up rewards, like a $5 sign-up bonus).

Furthermore, AwareID clients who have opted not to use the SaaS version of the platform, can now access updates directly. For non-cloud customers, there is no longer a wait between when an update is technically available and when they receive it. As soon as the technology is updated, customers can get a notification automatically and update directly. This improves the efficiency of the software update process, giving customers more time to focus on other priorities.

Finally, Aware has announced the availability of a developer hub for AwareID, where developers can explore and access all documentation and SDKs related to AwareID. With this hub, any developer can start experimenting with and seeing the power of biometrics.

“The latest update to AwareID makes it easy for businesses to incorporate world-class biometric authentication without changing their backend tech, and that’s a big deal for companies large or small,” concludes Lazzouni. “It’s our job to make this technology accessible, with superior scalability, value, and flexibility, and that’s exactly what we are bringing to the market.”

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