Backtracks Announces AI Traffic Surge for Podcast Publishers


Backtracks’ latest technology alerts audio publishers of popular content allowing them to see optimized results in future podcast creation

Backtracks, the technology infrastructure platform for end-to-end podcast management, advertising and data analytics, announces today the release of Backtracks Traffic Surge technology. The AI-based insights for podcast and audio publishers notifies content creators when new or back catalog content is surging in popularity outside of what is expected performance for that particular content. Through these content data trends, publishers are able to analyze and repeat their most viral content.

“Backtracks’ goal is to provide a superior experience for both publishers and audiences,” said Jonathan Gill, CEO of Backtracks. “The use of AI and ML for data analysis, predictive modeling, and self-learning systems ensures that computers can help humans create better podcasts and content. Backtracks Traffic Surge informs creators of what’s working and detecting patterns in the data at a scale and speed that humans cannot. Better data, better content, and a better experience are at the core of Backtracks.”

Backtracks Traffic Surge technology allows publishers to pinpoint highly trafficked podcast episodes and segments, identifying high interest content that will allow for repeated success. Backtracks Traffic Surge technology picks up outsized levels of engagement and notifies publishers of data trends. The alerts and data are tailored to individual publisher’s content, creating a seamless process for creators to be able to break down trends within each series and episode and help publish more content that drives a high volume of traffic. Backtracks Traffic Surge is a notable step in the continued use of AI and ML in Backtracks’ podcast and advertising analytics technology.

2021 has been a year of innovation and milestones in the product landscape for the Backtracks platform to deliver unprecedented value to podcast publishers and advertisers. The company has made advancements in technologies like Backtracks Podcast Analytics, Backtracks SDKs, Backtracks Player, interactive audio and head-nod detection. Most recently, Backtracks announced its IAB podcast measurement certification for podcast analytics and advertising metrics and a collaboration with Google Cloud to allow publishers and advertisers to view their podcast advertising and analytics data within Google Data Studio. Backtracks continues to invest heavily in further development of existing and new product offerings and its infrastructure platform, to help podcasters and audio partners around the world measure, monetize, and advertise in audio and podcasting.

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