Baker Hughes & C3 AI Deploy Enterprise AI Solutions at MEG Energy

Baker Hughes
  • MEG Energy has successfully deployed the (BHC3) enterprise AI application BHC3 Production Optimization for maximizing upstream oil and gas production and recovery
  • BHC3’s enterprise artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities add predictive intelligence at-scale to MEG Energy’s existing digital programs for production operations

Baker Hughes (NYSE: BKR) and C3 AI (NYSE:AI) today announced the successful deployment of the BHC3 Production Optimization enterprise AI application at MEG Energy, an Alberta, Canada-based energy company, to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and to better visualize risk across the company’s upstream production operations.

MEG Energy leverages innovative technology to reduce energy and water use, along with greenhouse gas intensity, while improving the efficiency and sustainability of thermal oil production. The adoption of BHC3’s enterprise AI solutions will accelerate MEG Energy’s use of digital solutions to further improve the efficiency of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) production.

MEG Energy has worked with energy technology, data science, and AI experts at Baker Hughes and C3 AI to train, develop, and apply machine learning models and analytics using historical and real-time data. The enterprise AI-based BHC3 Production Optimization application monitors moment-to-moment operations, allows seamless integration between engineers and field staff, and creates actionable predictive insights to enhance the daily operational workflow for production engineers and operators, with customized analytics-based alerts and virtual meters providing measurements for emulsion, gas, and vapor across more than 300 thermal production wells.

“BHC3’s advanced enterprise AI-based solutions will further enable the differentiated, proprietary technology we utilize to ensure safe, sustainable production of energy,” said Chief Technology Officer Chi-Tak Yee, MEG Energy. “Enterprise AI has successfully demonstrated it can improve visibility, workflow management, and overall productivity of operations.”

“Enterprise AI software creates new pathways to efficiency and productivity for today’s upstream industry,” said Uwem Ukpong, executive vice president of regions, alliances and enterprise sales at Baker Hughes. “This is an exciting deployment, as solutions are now serving MEG Energy’s technology and operational excellence objectives with scaled, domain-specific enterprise AI.”

“Extracting significant economic value from complex production data requires enterprise AI,” said C3 AI Chief Technology Officer Ed Abbo. “The BHC3 Production Optimization application, powered by the underlying capabilities of the BHC3 AI Suite, is tried, tested and proven to deliver predictive intelligence at scale to increase productivity, reduce risk, and help meet the environmental targets that are critical to ensuring future energy and climate security.”

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