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Balbix Announces Cybersecurity Posture Automation Support for GCP

Extends Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management Solution to Multi-Cloud Environments

Balbix, provider of the world’s leading platform for cybersecurity posture automation, announced today the general availability of support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Security teams can now use Balbix to easily quantify, prioritize and mitigate risks in their Google Cloud environments. With this announcement, Balbix has also extended its Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solution to support multi-cloud environments that span both GCP and Amazon Web Services.

The rapid move to the cloud has made IT environments more complex to manage and secure. As a result, security teams struggle to get a consolidated view of risk. Yet, 63 percent of organizations say they look at security posture in the cloud separately from on-premises, according to Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2002 State of Security Posture Report.

“Our customers’ environments can include over 1 million assets, spread across multiple clouds and their own facilities. Managing an attack surface this large is no longer a human-scale problem,” said Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of Balbix. “With Balbix’s new support for GCP, our customers can use automation to manage cybersecurity posture across more of their environment.”

Cyber Security Posture Automation for Google Cloud Platform
Balbix now provides support for popular Google Cloud services, includingCompute Engine,Cloud Storage,Cloud SQL,Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Cluster & Deployments,Cloud Functions,Cloud Key Management Service (KMS),Pub/Sub andSecret Manager. As a result, Balbix customers with Google Cloud environments can use automation and advanced analytics to:

  • Get comprehensive, near real-time visibility of their Google Cloud assets.
  • Combine data from Google Cloud with their other IT and security tools to gain security and business context for their assets.
  • Discover misconfigurations – the most exploited attack vector for the cloud – as well as unpatched software vulnerabilities, weak credentials and trust issues.
  • Measure risk in terms of breach likelihood and business impact in order to prioritize remediation.
  • Calculate and report on cyber risk quantified in dollars (or other currencies) instead of risk scores

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management for Multi-Cloud Environments
The addition of support for GCP extends Balbix’s CAASM solution to multi-cloud environments. Security practitioners no longer need to use multiple tools or combine data manually from these tools in a custom spreadsheet to understand their security posture. They can see the relationships between assets, applications and users no matter where the assets are in the cloud or on-premises. They can also identify any gaps in coverage for security controls.

Balbix provides more than just visibility. Unlike other vendors, Balbix combines CAASM with Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Cyber Risk Qualification (CRQ) solutions so security teams are able to immediately take action to reduce their cyber risk. They can continuously identify, prioritize and mitigate security issues as they emerge, while quantifying and tracking residual cyber risk in dollars. Daily cybersecurity decisions – operational as well as executive – can be made using a unified and up-to-date view of cyber risk.

“By adding support for Google Cloud, Balbix has broadened its risk model to be inclusive of multiple public cloud platforms and allowed organizations to better measure their overall cyber risk,” said Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO of research and advisory firm TAG Cyber. “Customers can leverage this unified risk model to quantify cyber risk by business unit, geography, site, asset type or business owner – and quickly remediate those risks.”

The API-based Balbix Connector for Google Cloud Platform collects asset inventory and misconfiguration data and is available now. Visibility into other types of vulnerabilities is provided by optional Balbix sensors. These sensors also catalog the software bill of materials (SBOM) of applications running in GCP.  Data collected by Balbix connectors and sensors is automatically deduplicated, correlated and inferenced to provide security teams with an accurate and unified view of risk.

To learn more about Balbix and its CAASM solution, visit

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