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BARR Advisory Champions Compliance Automation with Audora Partnership

The cybersecurity and compliance firm is helping to shape the future of security auditing with a strategic investment in automation.

BARR Advisory today announced that it is partnering with Audora as part of a strategic investment to expand the role of automation in cybersecurity auditing.

The move is part of a larger effort by the cybersecurity and compliance firm to push the industry forward by making compliance attestation more accessible to organizations of all sizes and supporting greater visibility into the auditing process.

“Audora’s intuitive, adaptive interface allows our team to harness the power of automation to request evidence, execute our test procedures, and generate audit reporting, which improves efficiency on our end,” said Brad Thies, the CEO and founder of BARR Advisory. “For our clients, that means increased clarity at each step of the engagement with less paper pushing, allowing for more actionable, transparent audits that serve as a springboard for improving their security postures.”

Formally launched in January 2024, Audora is a web-based audit management platform that uses automation to reduce redundancies, improve precision, and streamline the path to cybersecurity compliance for organizations across industries.

BARR has partnered with Audora to provide cloud service providers with a turnkey audit experience, grounded in clarity and transparency from start to finish. By leveraging Audora’s platform to automate key steps in the SOC 2 attestation process, BARR increased its overall efficiency by 30% per audit.

“As cybersecurity threats and regulations continue to grow more complex, cloud service providers must find new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Audora is helping us bridge that gap,” Thies said. “Through this investment in automation, we can spend more of our time bringing added value to our clients—empowering them to create trust and cybersecurity resilience.”

Download the case study to learn more about how BARR Advisory and Audora are working together to help organizations build trust through cybersecurity and compliance:

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